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Giving Away 5 Copies of SlideDeck Pro Licenses

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SlideDeck aims to make it easier for users to digest and understand the content of a website. It was designed to replace the web’s current model of text heavy services pages, unclear product tours and confusing process diagrams with a fun, quick and beautiful way to interact with websites.

When viewing a SlideDeck, you can index the content at first glance by reviewing the vertical sliders. You can take a holistic approach with the SlideDeck by progressing through each slide in order to understand the complete concept. Or you you can jump ahead to the topic you are interested in. Each slide can contain simple HTML text and images as well as rich content such as flash, videos, screen casts and presentations.

A SlideDeck can be custom designed to blend in perfectly on your website as a header or navigation system. It can also be contained within a button, waiting to be clicked and opened in a lightbox view. Think of all the content you can express to your user in a simple, elegant and fun interface. SlideDeck adheres to web standards and is great for SEO as it is entirely indexable via search engines.


SlideDeck Lite is a limited version of the feature-rich SlideDeck Pro. It’s a great way to give SlideDeck a try and immediately improve the performance of your website. SlideDeck Pro ($299 usd each) includes all the features listed below as well as free upgrades for new functionality. Now, you can have a chance grabbing a SlideDeck Pro for Free. Simply leave a comment under this post. We will randomly select 5 lucky people and announce the winners on 27th Jan. What are you waiting for?

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  • Jens Lindberg

    SlidDeck FTW!

  • Marc

    Hey there! Awesome offer, especially one for SlideDeck! Thumbs up on the idea and team who put it together!

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    Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing this integrated a future website project… got me thinking!

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  • MaTraX

    Great giveaway. Thankyou for giving everyone’s a chance.

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  • Matthieu

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  • Tom

    Whilst I agree that this is a good piece of functionality, it doesn’t degrade gracefully, which if you’re looking to win over customers and convert is a must! And if you navigate straight to a tab e.g. http://www.slidedeck.com/#slide_4 it destroys the presentation of the page ( FF ). I don’t want to seem like I’m being negative as, the pro version does offer free upgrades and there’s a lot of functionality there, but this kind of inaccesibilty is something that we should be trying to avoid as web developers.

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    It’s rare I go in for these competitions, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of SlideDeck action ;) Thanks for running this!

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    It’s my birthday on the 28th so this would be a great present!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed

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    SlideDeck looks very nice but I wouldn’t spend that much money on it. $25 would be OK but $99 is a bit over the top. :-)

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  • Simon

    I am already using the free version of SlideDeck and its amazingly easy to setyp apart from the powered by displayed at the bottom.

    Though I love the gesture functionlaity in the Pro version.

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    I think that script of SlideDeck is versy useful during web creation. But price of Pro Version is a little… in fact more then little too high.
    On the otrher side this nice script (thakns to the price) is avaible only for the rich designers… so it’s not so common… so it’s more exclusive.

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    SlideDeck looks great and is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m a Technical Author for a software company in the UK and this tool would be ideal for feature tours, tutorials, etc.

    Here’s hoping!

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  • http://www.slidedeck.com Chuck Longanecker

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. We are glad that our little project of passion is being well received. We will be releasing new features soon that support decision tree logic, analytics and more.

    This is our first attempt in a larger community effort to replace the webs current standard of text heavy pages, unclear product tours, convoluted how-to videos and web converted powerpoint presentations with a fun and easy way to interact with websites.

    We encourage you to use SlideDeck and other tools like it to help simplify web content and communicate with users clearly, efficiently and beautifully.

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