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20 Useful & Nicely Designed Web Applications

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We need to be inspired to be in style. All of us are looking to give the website the edge to make it one in a million. We look for the style that allows the website to speak for itself, because a picture is tantamount to a million words. Last but not the least, it is always the first impression that leaves a touch; sometimes it might even metamorph in to first love.

Here we have showing you the top 20 designs that have inspired us; we are sharing the web app designs that have made the difference; we have been eclectic with an esoteric collection.

1) Reinvigorate

A tool to track real time traffic to your web with many features including heat sensing

2) Moodstream

A powerful tool to find you the images, footage or audio you are looking for.

3) Mailchimp

A powerful tools to manage your subscribers list, design HTML email campaigns and track and analyze email campaigns.

4) Blinksale

A very useful and easy to use tool to build and track invoices

5) GoodBarry

A complete tool for ecommerce, email marketing, CRM and analatycs

6) Wufoo

A must have, HTML form builder tool

7) Campaign monitor

Everything a designer needs to manage the subscriber emails

8 ) Kontain

A social media platform to promote your brand

9) Active collab

A powerful project management and collaboration tool

10) Proworkflow

A tool to manage your projects online

11) Aviary

A tool to create logos, webtemplates, filters and more .

12) Basecamp

A webbased project collaboration tool

13) Kuler

Explore, create and share color themes here

14) Emberapp

Best way to share your design inspiration with the world using emberapp

15) Freshbooks

Fastest way to track time and invoice your clients

16) Carbonmade

Easy way to display and manage your portfolio online

17) Notable

Easiest way for teams to provide feedback on websites

18) Evernote

Save your ideas and things you like for free on your desktop

19) Hotelmap

Get connected to each London hotel’s own reservation system

20) Photoshop

A perfect place to save and organize your online photos

  • http://www.entersolutions.co.za/ Mo

    Awesome list. Thanks. Some really good inspiration there!

  • herve

    GoodBarry is closed

  • Ray Cheung

    Opps… That’s quick!

    GoodBarry’s parent company has just been acquired by Adobe. It was still working few days ago…

  • http://www.simplenewsapp.com loplop

    Blinksale is my favorite of these. It’s so unconventional in it’s color scheme and everything. And still it perfectly works and looks beautiful. That’s Genius. A work of an artist _and_ a usability master. Pff I’m getting sentimental.

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  • http://www.online-guitar-tuition.com/ The Guitar God

    I have been using Blinksale for about two years now. I invoice some of my customers using that app. It creates PDF invoices and works great with paypal. It’s the best online invoicing program I’ve come across on the web.

  • http://www.imsethstevenson.com Seth Stevenson

    Another good one: http://www.grooveshark.com

  • http://www.nextdayflyers.com/ NextDayFlyers.com

    Great post, I am a huge fan of MailCHimp and BaseCamp. They are very great tools and are well designed.

  • http://www.insidethewebb.com/ Inside the Webb

    Sick collection of web apps, thanks for sharing!

  • Sneha

    Hey Ray gr8 article. You missed Injoos though ( http://www.injoos.com ). A very useful online collaboration tool. http://injoos.com/blog/2009/10/09/seamless-collaboration-with-release-35/

  • http://www.smejemesenainternetu.cz Zábavná videa

    Another winner is Remember The Milk :-) It´s my number one!

  • Jon Karnal

    Awesome list of apps. If I can add one more to that list I would certainly recommend Curdbee (http://curdbee.com) for online invoicing. I have used both Blinksale and Freshbooks before, but Curdbee is the perfect app for freelancers like myself and costs much less. They offer complete free account without restricitions.

  • http://www.reviewhostpapa.com hostpapa review

    really inspiring collection. another well designed and useful financial site,

    :) lovely

  • Skyline

    Another good one is http://www.mediafire.com

  • http://denbagus.net denbagus

    wow.. great information, could you provide same informaiton with open source platform ??

  • http://www.varitek.co.uk/ Jason

    Fantastic list, can’t wait for the launch of invigorate, it looks very promising.

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  • http://designinformer.com Design informer

    Wow! Nice. I haven’t even seen some of these before. Good job on the roundup.

  • http://www.surcentro.com/ Nollelva

    Also I would like to add to this list my favorite project management tools – http://www.5pmweb.com
    Their design is looks pretty good.

  • Cube Master

    A good one that I came across myself is Digit ( http://www.getdigit.com )

    I use it in my wife’s daycare and it is completely free

  • http://thelostworld.us Colum

    Great links! I got to love Reinvigorate

  • http://www.vunkyblog.net Vunky

    What I like about carbonmade is that it is fresh, but also timeless. I can’t remember them doing a redesign at all, and they’ve been around for a while.

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  • http://www.qtorrents.com Qtorrents

    All of these are pretty much good. Thanks for sharing.

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  • http://www.techspikes.com/ Narayanan Hariharan

    I’ve been regularly using Reinvigorate and have loved their interface. Good to see it at No.1 on your list :)

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  • http://www.thomascraigconsulting.com Thomas Craig Consulting

    Excellent set of resources, thanks for sharing.

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  • http://www.pixelboxdesign.co.uk/ Pixelbox Design

    Excellent Article, Added to favs, keep up the good work.

  • http://musicaonline.ws/ William Smith

    These are some great applications. I already have some ideas for improving my own website.

  • Melissa Evans

    I am using Talygen, a project management and collaboration tool. Its calendar-based screen shot features is superb.

  • Melissa Evans

    I am using Talygen, a project management and collaboration tool. Its calendar-based screen shot features is superb.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Time-management-Community/554894041201119 Vincent Churchil

    We use Replicon time billing software for time tracking and Its one of the best designed cloud based app too.

  • http://www.printkeg.com/ Chris Mullen

    One particularly well-designed tool that is useful for SEO is Moz.com (formerly SEOmoz,org). I also love Mailchimp.

  • Mark

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