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Open Source Web Analytics Framework in PHP

Posted · Category: GPL License, Stats

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source web analytics framework written in PHP. OWA was born out of the need for an open source framework that could be used to easily add web analytics features to web sites and applications.

The OWA framework also comes with built-in support for popular web applications such as WordPress and MediaWiki. As a generic web analytics framework, OWA can be extended to track and analyze any web application.

Open Web Analytics

Requirements: PHP 4.4.2+, GD library
Demo: http://www.openwebanalytics.com/
License: GPL 2.0 License

  • http://blog.xceptance.de/ ReneS

    Might be interesting to know, what the difference to Piwik is and how it performs. Anyone any experiences? Thanks.

  • http://www.colingreig.com Colin

    While I like the idea of a more reliable, yet still free, Google Analytics… Without conversion tracking (Goals) it will have to wait.

  • bob

    Looks very cool, but their site is painfully slow.

  • http://rinsingthecolander.com Rinser

    Sounds interesting. Is anyone using it? How does it compare to Analytics?

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  • http://www.aguaesolutions.com aguaesolutions

    cool thing to try thank you

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  • http://www.dakdem.com blog terpopuler

    it sound promising but it is not integrated with joomla yet

  • http://tips4php.net Jorgen

    Another interesting open source web analytocs solution is Piwik: http://tips4php.net/2010/08/tired-of-google-analytics-why-not-try-piwik/

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