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Capture Any Webpage From Any Browser with Aviary

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Aviary has just launched Screen Capture Talon that can let you capture any webpage from any browser, by simply putting Aviary.com/ in front of the URL. You can capture a page at different resolutions or to only capture a portion of the page as well.

After capturing the page, you can edit it, add simple markup to it and save it to your desktop (or host it online with a single click). It works on almost any public page on the Internet, with any browser. It can even capture Flash. However, it does not support multiple browsers / operating systems at the moment.

Webpage Capture

Source: http://aviary.com/launch/talon

  • S Dhal


  • http://bittrack.it Raspo

    “However, it does not support multiple browsers / operating systems at the moment.”

    so, it’s useless.

  • Chakka

    Great… what’s next? Are the clothes that I’m wearing going to be open source too?

    As if there weren’t enough people out there stealing ideas already…

    Can someone tell me how this tool can be used other than stealing ideas?

  • Derek Showalter

    It works on all browsers I tested. Works on my mac too.

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  • http://www.baboon.ir/ baboon-ir

    It works on all browsers

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