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Gmail / Facebook Style Chat Application with jQuery

Posted · Category: Chat, LGPL License

Everyone loves the Gmail and Facebook inline chat modules. This Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat Module enables you to seamlessly integrate Gmail/Facebook style chat into your existing website.

You can see the chat box displays at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You can keep the chat boxes open and stores state (data) even when pages are browsed/refreshed. It will display “Sent at…” after 3 minutes of inactivity. You can also minimize and close chat boxes easily.

Free Chat Application

This chat script can be used for free under LGPL-style license for non-commercial purposes. However, you need to purchase a license for commercial purposes.

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://anantgarg.com/2009/05/13/gmail-facebook-style-jquery-chat/
License: LGPL License

  • http://www.pixelstudioworks.com/ Pixel Studio Works™

    Wow! this is excellent feature.
    I like it so much.


  • http://www.foxyturkey.com Yigit Ozdamar

    Awsome but license is a lil bit expensive. Thanx.

  • http://www.xghozt.com/ XGhozt

    This is really cool, I wonder if I could get it integrated with one of my forums.. :o

  • http://trephine.org Balaji

    Great article! Thanks for taking the time to explain this feature.

  • Alec Smart

    @Yigit The script is free for non-commercial use.

  • Sri

    Any chance we cud integrate it to wordpress blogs???

  • http://www.khoro.com Thomas Madia

    I will advise the script owner to also support MS SQL Server, not just mySQL, people using SQL Server are used to paying, otherwise he is not gonna sell, people in the open-source world will try to use it for free, forever.

  • http://estehmanis.com Rizky

    how to warp with mootools cz jquery n mootools itn’t compatible, and running at same time n same workspace…?

  • Varun

    Hey I do agree that many just use the open source then let it be our help to them. But some guys like us help in developing the things …
    There are two distinct definitions depends on the user
    newbie: Its the stuff for me to use
    Advanced: Its the stuff for me to modify and make it better

    Now see where you stands

  • http://www,page360.net sarah

    this is awesome I want this chat system for my site so long but now dream come true … thanks

  • http://www.namakusurya.com Surya Adi Sapoetra

    very nice article, i really like it.. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/shepherd shepherd

    I cant seem to get it going.. ..the chat.php file has errors each time i run it…

    how do I get my sessages to run from mysql database? do i leave out the chat .php… please help

  • http://www.varunbatra.com/ Varun Batra

    which version are you using? Also short tag is enabled?

  • http://www.digitalmirrorsolution.com Digital Mirror Solution

    is this available asp.net?

  • http://itswadesh.wordpress.com/ Itswadesh

     The errors comes when we try to use space or special character as username. Finally i was able to resolve all those errors. Please visit http://itswadesh.wordpress.com/2011/05/07/gmail-facebook-style-jquery-chat/ for demo and download of source code

  • lintu

    No its not working.. when a page refresh the previous chat is gone .please help me

  • lintu

    No its not working.. when a page refresh the previous chat is gone .please help me

  • Tee

    I downloaded the chat plug in and working just fine

  • Tee

    I downloaded the chat plug in and working just fine

  • Marco
  • Vijay Anand

    chat is excellent but i am getting problem , when chat is opened in
    different tab of same browser then not all window of chat is update
    when message recieved…..

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