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Preview, Upload, Modify Files & Folders with FileManager

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MooTools FileManager allows you to (pre)view, upload and modify files and folders via the browser. You can browse through files and folders on your server easily with Mootools FileManager. The user interface is very intuitive. You can view detailed Previews of Images, Text-Files, Compressed-Files or Audio Content. Also, you can Rename, Delete, Move (Drag&Drop), Copy (Drag + hold CTRL) and Download Files.

MooTools FileManager is integrated with FancyUpload, so that you can upload files directly. As a bonus, you can use it as a FileManager in TinyMCE as well. The Script has been tested in Firefox 3+, Safari 4, Opera and IE6+. It is released under the MIT-License, I am sure you can get a great use out of it.

Mootools FileManager

Requirements: MooTools Framework
Demo: http://cpojer.net/Scripts/FileManager/Demos
License: MIT License

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  • http://www.lami.me mrLami

    This is huge… I’ve been looking for something similar for a while now.

    I’m not a mootools guy @ all but they might have a new convert if tools like this keep coming out.

  • http://www.webgurusdesignblog.com Gergely Marton

    Wow! Thanks alot I was searching for one of these for a long time!

    Keep up the good work!

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  • http://adil.2scomplement.com Adil Saleem

    WoW…this is great work. Though too overkill for my use but great work anyways

  • https://github.com/frozeman/mootools-filemanager Fabian Vogelsteller

    Hi, i forked and improved the filemanager you can find it here:

    new features are
    – extended thumbnails
    – ported to mootools 1.3
    – now absolute and relative paths are possible
    – add clickable and selectable path in the header
    – add hiding of the thumbnail directory
    – a lot of bugfixes
    – add .htaccess to allow upload and resize of big files
    – made interface changes
    – add MilkBox for preview of images
    – add keyboard navigation in the file browser
    – add error dialogs for php errors
    – add a few new properties

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