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Easily Create .htaccess Files Online with .htaccess Editor

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In several web servers (most commonly Apache) .htaccess is the default name of directory-level configuration files. It provides the ability to customize configuration for requests to the particular directory. However, creating a .htaccess files can be tedious.

Now you can create .htaccess files easily online with .htaccess Editor. Simply fill in the form provided, you can then copy and paste the texts from the textarea box to your .htaccess files quickly. Please feel free to suggest your other favourite .htaccess online generators as well~

htaccess Editor Online

Source: http://www.htaccesseditor.com/en.shtml

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  • http://www.xghozt.com/ XGhozt

    I learned how to do these things a long time ago, but this site is actually pretty handy. :P

  • http://tools.sopili.net/ Girvan

    I like lighttpd.conf editor more!…

  • http://www.mobilephonesarena.com bibi

    I used it’s great.
    Thank you!

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