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Scroll Your HTML Elements with jQuery Scrollable

Posted · Category: GPL License, Menu, MIT License

jQuery Scrollable is to provide generic scrolling capability to your pages. Anytime you want to scroll your HTML elements in a visually appealing way you should use this tool. The difference between “normal” scrolling is that you don’t have browser’s default scrollbars available and you can perform scrolling in more sophisticated ways.

Items can be scrolled horizontally or vertically. Elements can be scrolled with navigational buttons, arrow keys, API calls and mouse wheel. You can specify the amount how many items are scrolled at once. Possibility to add and remove scrollable items dynamically. And also, the file size is roughly 6.0 Kb when minified.

jQuery Scrollable

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.flowplayer.org/tools/scrollable.html
License: MIT and GPL Licenses

  • http://www.salesworks.com/about/colingreig.php Colin Greig

    Would have been neat if they added an “iphone-like” drag to scroll ability to toss/scroll the content..

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  • http://www.cubicorange.com Mehmet Yaliman

    looks pretty neat. i’m wondering how the effects on seo are, there seems to be no problem compared to a full list, but i’m never sure… anyone?

  • http://thebetterplanet.com Chris

    Has display issues with IE6.

  • cl0306

    Yeah, anyone found a workaround for ie6?

  • http://www.nexodigital.cl Diseño Web

    Thanxs it would be very useful!

  • tonyt

    Does anyone who if there is a fix for ie6 as it’s causing issues with the navigation bar as well as other display issues?


  • http://www.paginaswebeconomicasenchile.cl paginas web

    is really having problems with IE6.

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