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Best 5 Sets of Emoticons Download for Free

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In web forums, instant messengers and online games, text emoticons are often automatically replaced with small corresponding images, which came to be called emoticons as well. Examples of widely known emoticons are the smiley face : ) and the frowny face : (.

We have selected the best 5 sets of emoticons we have found on the internet. You can use them on your blog, forums and even web applications for free. Please feel free to suggest your favourite ones we did not mention.

2S-Space Emotions V2

2S-Space Emotions V2 Icons

The Blacy Emoticons

The Blacy Emoticons

Yolks 2 Emoticons

Yolks 2 Emoticons

Say Emoticons

Say Emoticons

Buttery Emoticons

Buttery Emoticons

  • http://www.frilenz.com not2comply

    Hey, nice post… thanks for sharing….

    And big thanks to those who work hard to designed these emoticons….


  • Sander

    but those previous to last icon set is not up for download,
    just the general image with all icons

    so i don’t think its free to use, or the designer does not want you to use them…

    other than that, the other 4 (and that 5th one too to be honest) are very nice designed.

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  • Enk.

    Wow, Nice sets.

    Good day from CHIDIMAR.com :)

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  • Hassan

    Nice collection.
    The links to http://www.rokey.net/v2/Gallery_Show.asp seems to be dead :(

  • MP

    The pack The Blacy Emoticons doesn’t work :(

  • Ray Cheung

    @ MP

    I have just updated the link. You can download Blacy directly on http://www.rokey.net/?download=popo_emotions_the_blacy_png.zip

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    great lovely set keep it up

  • http://wiswakarma.com wiswa

    great post, i wil use these in my sites to0..

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    hot hit and beautiful and different

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    Very nice icon Thank you man

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    Beautiful colors and formatting to fit very well

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    nice thank good icon for my web

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    Nice collection thank you

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    Thank i like it ,this you share

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    This is Amaazeing……………

    Thanks in advance.

  • http://www.esanpr.com online music stations

    other than that, the other 4 (and that 5th one too to be honest) are very nice designed.

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    Cool Emoticon. Thanks

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    Thank you , nice set icon.

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    Thank you for Cool Emoticon.

  • Chelle

    Thanks for sharing these. The “Say” emoticons don’t have a download link on their page – it’s just a preview of them on a jpg. It’s a shame too as they are cute!

  • แปลภาษา color

    I would love this emotion!!

  • Freagy

    How to get it??

  • Shlomi Rozilyo

    go to this website http://www.mysmiley.net/

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