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Migrate Your Feeds From Feedburner to Google’s Servers

Posted · Category: Information

Have you migrate your feeds hosted on Feedburner to Google’s servers yet? We have just completed the migration one week ago, and It looks like my feeds are working normally. All of us should perform the migration as soon as possible because Google has announced that they expect to get all the feeds transferred by February 28, and after that day Feedburner feeds will start reporting a 404.

Feed Compare and Feed Analysis has released new versions that support migrated Google Feeds recently. You can analysis the growth of your own feed and compare it with your competitors. However, if you have not completed the migration yet, they are not working for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Analysis Google Feeds

Source: http://www.blogperfume.com/feed-analysis/
Source: http://www.feedcompare.com/

  • I made the switch about a month ago, and my feed numbers were cut in half. That either reflects the reality, or half of the feeds were simply dropped. I’m thinking the algorithm is actually different between the two even though technically Google owns Feedburner.

  • Thanks for the reminder! I need to migrate my feeds before the 28th… can’t forget that!

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