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QuickSearch v2.0 Filters Large Sets of Data Really Quickly

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

quickSearch is a jQuery plugin for filtering large sets of data. It supports Tables, Paragraphs and Lists. It’s very easy to use ‘out of the box’. As easy as:


quickSearch v2.0 was written with speed in mind, it is now a lot quicker than the previous version and it is completely backwards-compatible with any previous code written.

jQuery quick search Plugin

You can also look at another jQuery QuickSilver Live Search Plugin we mentioned earlier, it is able to recognize which items you are searching for if you just use abbreviations, so you can type entire words, or just fragments of each.

Requirements: jQuery framework
Demo: http://rikrikrik.com/jquery/quicksearch
License: License Free

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  • http://www.cuoma.com Santiago

    WOW, very impressive filtering plugin. Performance it´s great!.

    Thanks for the article.

  • James

    Very nice, already integrated it into a project. Cool find Ray.

  • http://visualcafe.net Serge

    Super fast! Wondering if it can search per column as well…

  • http://rafyta.com Rafyta

    Awesome script! Already using it.
    Thanks Ray, keep the jQuery love.

    @Serge: it can, check the options.

  • Ray Cheung

    I am really glad that you guys like it~ :D

  • http://www.bizmo.co.uk Robbie

    This is awsome, thanks ;)

  • Mike

    Somebody knows any alternative for mootools? :-)

  • mario

    Hi ! amazing data filter….. I have a question, It does work with a SQL Query (Datasource) ?

    Thanks for all.


  • http://baroquedub.co.uk/ baroquedub

    Thanks for making such a great script available.

    On a very large table (I’m talking 7000 rows…), the initial search takes about 2 minutes to complete but after that it seems that a cache is created because subsequent searches a far quicker.

    Is there a way of forcing the script to carry out an initial search or cache the table contents (during initialisation)?

  • NicoJuicy

    Very nice script = jQuery plugin!


  • http://www.alexander-webdesign.com Bryan

    Is there a way to use 2 search fields to isolate two columns of data?

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