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Mootools FormCheck Indicates Errors on Forms

Posted · Category: Forms, MIT License

FormCheck is a Mootools plugin that allows to performs different tests on forms and indicates errors. It works with input (text, radio, checkbox) fields, textarea and select boxes. You just need to add a specific class to each fields you want to check. You can perform check during the datas entry or on the submit action, shows errors as tips or in a div before or after the field, show errors one by one or all together, show a list of all errors at the top of the form, localize error messages, add new regex check and etc…

Mootools FormCheck

Requirements: Mootools framework
Demo: http://mootools.floor.ch/en/labs/formcheck/forum-registration/index.htm
License: MIT License

  • You got anything like this that works with JQuery?

  • You can check http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/ and try to mix it with some of the CSS in here, :)

  • TQ… Nice Plugin

  • Henry

    Looks good – going to try replacing fValidator on a few of my sites now…

  • Henry

    Hmm, well I installed it and tried it out, and found that it generated a table for the tooltip popup. What the christ?

    Fortunately the js has been written well enough that I can override the maketips function (line 728 in the uncompressed formchecks.js file) but it’s still pretty disappointing that someone who had the intelligence to create such a well thought out form validation class thought it would be a good idea to use a table as presentational markup.

    It looks fairly well written otherwise and it’s really nice to have common validation regexes and other cases pre-defined. :D

  • DrJ

    @Henry: The table has been choose because it’s the easiest way to generate a tip that can be resizable without having to check dynamically the size of the message. I understand that deontologically we should use table only for tabular datas but standards are respected.

    the version 1.4.2 also introduce a new way to check field using a custom validation function. See this new functionnality in action:


  • Matt Rittman

    Is there any way to install FormCheck on a simple PHP contact form?

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