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Top Job Boards for Web Developers and Designers

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Are you a freelancer? Would you like to find some freelance works related to Web Development or Web Design? There are loads of job boards out there, but how many of them are actually built for web developers and designers? And How many of them are acutally popular? Here is a list of the top job boards for web developers and designers. Please feel free to suggest the ones you like.

Sensational Jobs

FreelanceSwitch Job Board

Authentic Jobs

Smashing jobs




  • http://creamscoop.com CreamScoop

    Job Pile

    One visit for all of the above, without having to add them to your feed reader.

  • Jordan

    I found Elance to be somewhat a waste of my time. Too many times have I given out in-depth proposals and a fair quote only to get rejected. Not only that but the few projects I did get, they ended up paying me outside of Elance (not that I mind.) I’d rather invest time and money in the other job boards than Elance

    Most people seem to go with the cheap as hell outsourced garbage from India on Elance.

  • http://www.alfystudio.com Ahmad Alfy

    Getafreelancer.com is a great job board too!

  • johnnygri

    For people in the UK (esp. London) try Chinwag Jobs, http://jobs.chinwag.com

  • Jon

    I’m looking for a freelance webdesigner (psd mock ups) for small projects. Where’s the best place to put an ad?

  • http://pointandstare.com Point and Stare

    Another one you should list is Currently Looking For Work:

  • http://visualcafe.net Serge

    I’ve used Elance on a couple of occasions. First time I had a fantastic experience and got more than my money’s worth. The second time around (which is actually in process right now), I’m having to be much more proactive to get the work completed up to my requirements.

  • http://www.yakinworks.com yakinworks

    I check on Authentic Jobs a lot for people looking for services I offer.

    Didn’t know about Job Pile.

  • http://www.yakinworks.com yakinworks

    Jon if you are interested let me know.

  • http://www.thecreativejob.com TheCreativeJob.com

    You can check also: http://www.thecreativejob.com

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  • http://www.jobbank.com JohnE

    New but quality and growing job site.

  • http://www.jobbank.com JohnE

    Well that didn’t post they way I thought it would. http://www.jobbank.com was the link I was trying to leave.

  • http://vdhdesigns.com Web Site Design and SEO

    I love smashing magazine. The site is beautiful and it offers a lot of freebies and downloadables.But I never thought they too are job banks. I will check them out for sure.

  • http://www.unknownsoftware.ro Irimia

    Take a look on Scriptlance (www.scriptlance.com).

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  • puctioppy

    check out this simple online application , it lets you make your own online id……. http://www.stigid.com

    found it a few days ago and instantly fell in love with it……..
    very simple to use and there is so much i can do with it……check it out yourself , its amazing…

  • http://www.osgiant.com alex


    Like job pile but has more options and searches more sites.

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