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SaveTheDevelopers – Making The Web A Better Place

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Save the Developers

Do you actually think you can rid the world of the scourge that is Internet Explorer 6? We can only hope, but the truth of the matter is that not all users have the luxury of upgrading their browser, and some simply fail to see the flaws and therefore adopt the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

For the next few years we’ll probably need to continue supporting Internet Explorer 6, but that doesn’t mean we just have to wait for users to find something new. The goal of SaveTheDevelopers.org is to rally the development community behind the goal of reducing the number of Internet Explorer 6 browsers in use by urging users to upgrade their browsers without hindering the user experience.

SaveTheDevelopers.org strives to be different is that they want to offer an unobtrusive option for developers to inform their visitors that there are more secure, stable browsers available as opposed to slapping them on the wrist and hiding content if they happen to visit a site using Internet Explorer 6.

Save Web Developers

Source: http://www.savethedevelopers.org

  • Tempting.. Soooo tempting..

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  • Jim the Red

    I would have been up for this had it not been the ridiculous reason to use Firefox.. ‘Its not Microsoft’ and the reason to use Safari.. ‘It’s Apple.. so..’

  • Webkid

    This could be a great success if there was some kind of Adsense payment on the links, like Adsense. Not sure if it’s worth asking Microsoft though, since they still push out IE6 with XPSP3.

  • Tom

    I won’t call this an unobtrusive solution :P

  • And just as I was ready to implement this on a load of sites the server goes down it seems! No use in popping up windows that doesn’t load for users, especially since it’s not very unobtrusive!

    Also the comments above are really true! I better create a personal twist on this which appears as an ad on webpages if the browser infact is IE6.

    So great idea, bad implementation – and bad server!

  • Yea when I went to http://www.savethedevelopers.org I got a GoDaddy.com cash parking landing page.

    I feel bad that designers and developers have to rally against IE like this, but I really do not know what they’re(Microsoft) thinking at all when they develop their internet browsers.

    Every time, lol. Jeez.

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