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W3Counter – Hosted Realtime Website Analytics Solution

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W3Counter Realtime Website Analytics Solution

Yes, we all love Google Analytics. However, it does not stop us looking at other good alternatives. W3Counter is your free, hosted website analytics solution for answering the key questions about your website: who’s your audience, how they find your site, and what interests them. There’s no installation, no configuration, and tracking starts as soon as you copy-and-paste a snippet of code into your website. Here is a list of features you can find on W3Counter, but not on Google Analytics.

Follow Your Visitors
Since W3Counter’s service is truly real-time, you can follow visitors as they browse your website. See who’s online at any time and their entire path from referring source to the page they’re currently viewing. Plus, view detailed activity for visitors that have recently left your site as well.

Visitor Identification
Label your visitors, as easily as installing a plugin on a WordPress blog or adding a few lines of JavaScript to your membership or customer-based website. Your labels will appear in your reports of online and recent visitors, where you can view all the past activity of each member or customer on your website.

Web Stats Widgets
Share your web stats with the world. Embed them in your website or blog with 7 different widgets including visitor maps, top pages, top searches, weekly visit graphs and a live feed of the most recent people on your site. You can even pull up a click overlay of your site without logging in to W3Counter.

Tracking Feedburner Feed Stats
You can track your Feedburner Feed Stats easily with W3Counter. It shows Circulation, Hits and Reach for your Feedburner account by using Feedburner API. It also shows us a beautiful line chart for your RSS Stats as well.

W3Counter Realtime Website Analytics Solution

Many small website owners remain on the free plan. However, free accounts are limited to websites receiving under 5,000 daily page views.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.w3counter.com/stats/2
License: License Free

  • Rob

    interesting. anyone have any comments on how this compares with statcounter?

  • http://www.dangrossman.info Dan Grossman

    There is a comparison with StatCounter and other competitors on the site:


  • Rob

    Thanks Dan, should have looked closer. I think I will switch a few sites over to w3 and give it a test.

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  • http://free-iphone-apple.blogspot.com mark

    Looks really good. I especially love how they have live reporting and click overlays. Addfreestats.com is kinda nice, but this looks much better to switch.

  • http://www.CleverTools.com Jason

    Dan is a great guy and his product is really good. I use it on a few sites myself.

  • http://www.vostroportale.it angelo

    tanks, this list product is really good,

    and http://www.goingup.com

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