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Stylize Web 10 Best Cross Browsers CSS Hacks

Posted · Category: Information

If you are front end coder you must know how important is to make cross browses, valid CSS and xHTML code. And also you must know how much time we are spending in all those hacks and fixes for various browsers. Stylized Web has shown us the list of 10 hand picked CSS hacks and tricks which can help you in your CSS code and also save some time. The list includes the following CSS hacks:

  • Vertical align div
  • Min-Height
  • PNG transparency
  • Autoclear
  • Reset CSS
  • Scrolling Render IE
  • Opacity
  • PRE Tag
  • Li Background Repeat IE
  • Good to know

Source: Stylize Web 10 Best Cross Browsers CSS Hacks

Dapper: Build API and Extract Contents from Any Websites

Posted · Category: Information


Have you ever thought of building an extension or pulling contents from other websites which have not got RSS feeds or API available? Dapper is a service that allows you to extract and use information from any website on the Internet. For those familiar with web services, you can think of Dapper as an API maker. For the rest of you, Dapper allows you to build web applications and mashups using data from any website without any programming.

Dapper is really easy to use. During the beta, Dapper is free and open to all. In the future, non-commercial and small uses will remain free. Dapper works on the HTML of any web page. It does not currently work with XML, Flash, or Javascript. If a web page has a Javascript contained within, the Javascript sections will simply be disabled, but you will be able to work with the rest of the page.

However, Dapper’s users have the sole obligation to respect the copyrights of content they use from the web. Dapper will not be held liable for any sort of copyright infrigement, and will immediately comply with any verified request by the lawful owner of the content to cease using his content.

Source: http://www.dapper.net/

GWT-Ext Powerful and Stunning Widget Library

Posted · Category: Framework, LGPL License

GWT-Ext is a powerful widget library that provides rich widgets like Grid with sort, paging and filtering, Tree’s with Drag & Drop support, highly customizable ComboBoxes, Tab Panels, Menus & Toolbars, Dialogs, Forms and a lot more right out of the box with a powerful and easy to use API. It uses GWT and Ext.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.gwt-ext.com/demo
License: LGPL License

Trellis Desk – User Friendly Help Desk System

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

ACCORD5 is a company creates awesome web applications that make people happy. I agreed that the maintain perfectionist-level standards for their work. They have recently released a User-friendly help desk system called “Trellis Desk“. Trellis Desk is a powerful, robust help desk solution for your business. Improve your company’s service by allowing your customers to quickly and easily submit support tickets to your team. Trellis Desk sports a range of advanced features to revitalize the way your business handles customer support. Even better, it’s completely free; you don’t have to pay any license fees to use Trellis Desk.


Basic documentation and peer-to-peer support is also included at no charge, but to receive official customer support for Trellis Desk from ACCORD5, you’ll need to purchase a support plan.

Requirements: PHP 4.3+, MySQL 4.1+, GD 2 with FreeType support
Demo: http://demo.accord5.com/trellis/
License: License Free

ShoutMix – Free shoutbox or Tagboard Chat Widget

Posted · Category: Chat, License Free

ShoutMix is a Fee shoutbox or tagboard widget, which is an easy to use messaging system that allows you to interact with others instantly. A shoutbox can be placed on your blog or website. Your visitors can then easily post comments in it. They can also use the shoutbox to chat with you and other visitors at the same time. You will be able to customize the sizes, styles, fonts, colors, labels and more when you get your own ShoutMix too. The basic version is Free, however you have to pay in order to upgrade to premium version.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.shoutmix.com
License: License Free

Free Web Application Icons Set

Posted · Category: CC License, Icons

After few weeks of icons design and development. WebAppers is very happy to announce the release of “Web Application Icons Set” with 3D effect and glossy style. There are 20 icons designed specially for web applications (e.g. Charts, Profile, Search, Add, Delete, Email, Print, Warning and etc…). Icons come in 3 sizes; 48×48 px, 32×32 px, and 24×24 px. All of them are in PNG format with transparent background. Web Application Icons Set is completely Free for both personal and commercial projects in any way you like.


If you like this icons set, please do not forget to Stumble / Digg this or give some link love to this post. It will be more encouraging if you can leave a comment as well. I am more than happy to bringing you more great icons for free in the near future.

Download: Download Now
License: Creative Commons 3.0 License

You can also check out the Premium Web Application Icons designed by webiconset.com. They do offer some quality Free Icons as well.


Open Source Ajax XHTML Chat

Posted · Category: CC License, Chat

XHTML Chat is barely more then a single html page + CSS + javascript. The server side bit is as small as it can be and could be accomplished with almost any available technology (down to php + textfile). This looks very well revolutionise the way the web looks and feels today.
Apart from this being a chat you can use XHTML Chat as:

  • An advanced comment function for blogs offering immediate communication between users.
  • An advanced shoutbox.
  • A live single/multi-user publishing system.
  • A XHTML Broadcasting tool for live coverage of events.


All of these could degrade gracefully if javascript is not available. XHTML Chat (including XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, all images) ,is licensed under a Creative Commons License as well.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://chat.plasticshore.com/
License: Creative Commons License

Dragging the Bar Over the Time-Line with Sliding Date Picker

Posted · Category: Calendar, GPL License

Sliding Date-Picker enables you to pick dates with a simple slider bar. By dragging the bar over the time-line, the dates change instantly. Besides this, when the user decides to manually change the dates, the bar is automatically adjusted to the corresponding dates. Sliding Date-Picker is based on Prototype/Scriptaculous, but now combined with the DateJs library as well. It has been tested it in Firefox 2.x and IE6+ and it is licensed under the GPL license.


Requirements: Firefox 2.x and IE6+
Demo: http://www.ajaxorized.com/dateslider/slider.html
License: GPL License

Smooth Javascript Image Zooming For Your Web Pages

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

FancyZoom is designed to view full-size photos and images inline without requiring a separate web page load. It is providing a smooth, clean, truly Mac-like effect, almost like it’s a function of Safari itself. FancyZoom has the following features that makes it different to other popular modal box galleries, e.g.Lightbox. FancyZoom is totally free for your non-commercial website.

  • Focused on the smoothest, most polished zooming animation possible
  • Automatically scales images from any image link, with no HTML changes
  • Preloads full-size images in the background on link mouseover
  • No resource-heavy Javascript libraries — 100% coded from scratch to zoom
  • Draws a nice drop shadow under the full-size image to offset it from the page
  • Uses Safari 3’s “box-shadow” feature to draw the drop shadow natively, no images required


Requirements: Safari, Firefox, IE7, and IE6
Demo: http://www.cabel.name/2008/02/fancyzoom-10.html
License: License Free

OpenDNS – Providing A Safer and Faster Internet for Free

Posted · Category: Information

OpenDNS is the world’s most intelligent DNS service. Their global network and their software work together symbiotically to offer a set of features custom-tailored to you, without requiring you to buy any hardware or install any software.

They have built a self-healing network across two continents to give you the most reliable DNS service. They use multiple carriers at every site to ensure full redundancy of our Internet bandwidth. That bandwidth then feeds into a cluster of servers, which is constantly balancing the load across itself so your DNS request is answered in the fastest way possible. They do this for you and every one of our customers, about 30,000 times per second and growing.


OpenDNS operates PhishTank.com, the most accurate and timely source of phishing data on the Web. They protect you from phishing scams by blocking the fraudulent sites from resolving on your network by incorporating PhishTank directly into our system. And it is Free!

Source: http://www.opendns.com/

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