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Stunning Password Strength Meter with Ext Form

Posted · Category: Forms, LGPL License, MIT License

This is a really good example that shows us how to create a password strength meter with a beautiful Ext User Interface. It uses the algorithm based on the code of Javascript Password Strength Meter from Geek(Wisdom).com and then use the Ext Forms to build and layout forms on the fly. It looks stunning and really professional, however this Ext form do not do anything and have very little validation on the other fields except the password field.


Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://testcases.pagebakers.com/PasswordMeter/
License: LGPL and MIT License

  • http://www.labs.prdesign-studio.co.uk Harry Roberts

    Hmm, everyone of these I use I seem to get a different strength rating. Still good though.

  • http://www.affiliatelounge.co.za Phillip

    Wow, thanks for the great tool.

  • http://www.passpack.com Tara Kelly

    I’m a PassPack founder and yes, it’s a good idea to implement a meter to let people know how good (or bad) their password is. In our case it’s particularly important because, well, it’s for a password manager.

    Here’s our pass phrase meter:

    PassPack runs on jQuery, and we’re hoping to get a developers center up and running soon (ok, soon is a relative term, make that someday). When that day comes we’ll release the library.


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  • Henry

    The meter appears to be bogus. No matter what i type in the strength meter advances. Appears to be based on the NUMBER OF CHARACTERS typed, regardless of what is typed.

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