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Nice List of Open Source Fish Eye Menu

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We love Mac, we love Fish Eye Menu. The idea behind a fisheye control is a strip of icons, being vertical or horizontally laid out that reacts to the user’s mouse as it approaches the icon. Here is a list of Nice Fish Eye Menu for you to dowload and use it in your web application.

CSS Dock Menu


Fish Eye Menu for Prototypejs


Fish Eye Menu for Mootools



DHTML Fish Eye Menu for Text


Fish Eye Menu Tutorial



  • http://www.XGhozt.com XGhozt

    I love you. These are fantastic.

  • woopsicle

    theres also this one that uses jquery with a MIT license. http://icon.cat/software/iconDock/

  • http://simply-basic.com John Kolbert

    Nice list! The link to my tutorial is appreciated as well!

  • Sam

    Don’t forget about the NoGray docking menus,


  • http://plainbeta.com Brian Purkiss

    Great resource!
    I’m gonna keep that in mind for a future design!

  • erbag

    I’ll be looking for ways to use this in my next web-project

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  • http://www.poleringsguide.se polera

    I’m gonna keep that in mind for a future design!

  • http://www.mylol.net Scorpiono

    Neat stuff, thanks webappers for showing only the best ;)

  • Adam

    just made an attempt for a new client @ http://webaries.com/firetronics/welcome

    not bad, i think i need to save my icons at a higher res tho

  • http://www.wenmc.com winxml

    very good~~ thanks!

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    Nice list!

  • http://ourteennetwork.com Teen Network

    Wow awesome menus love the colors great job!

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    Very nice this you share

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  • http://www.nethzah.com/ John Johnson

    Cool! Does this work with jQuery?

  • http://www.esanpr.com online music stations

    Nice list! The link to my tutorial is appreciated as well!

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  • http://www.esanpr.com online music stations

    not bad, i think i need to save my icons at a higher res tho

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  • http://www.summitqueen4u.com Summit Queen

    Thank you for your share.

    Great Info.

  • http://www.beastworld.tk The Beast

    Amazing what you can do with these new javascript libraries.
    I didn’t realise javascript was this useful until I started looking into prototype and Mootools.

  • http://www.intenseblog.com Jennifer R

    very nice collection, thank you

  • http://www.downloadmpe3.com โหลดmp3ลูกทุ่ง

    Great idea , Thank you for your share!
    […] always loved fisheye menus but, while there are quite a lot of ready-to-use components for web applications, when it comes to mobile it’s hard to find something. What […]

  • http://mac mac

    i cant download this menus

  • http://www.sukhothailand.com sukhothai

    Thank you ,Nice list icon

  • http://www.machart-studios.de Eduard Weber

    Here is another one. Working without any JavaScript Framework!

  • http://www.ajithex.tk ajith

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  • http://jugalps@wordpress.com Jugal

    Is there any such thing for ExtJS?

  • http://tellmetranslation.com แปลเอกสาร

    very beatiful menu for mac , i love mac too.

  • Arnold Padilla

    is there a vertical version of docks?

  • http://www.facebook.com/aswini2nu Aswini Nayak

    I love this feature, Is there any plugin for ExtJS with Fisheye

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