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Create Your Own Printable Colored World Map

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Printable World Map is free of charge. You can use Printable World Map for Web site, Publication, TV, Education, Work, anything you like. Follow the easy steps, you can have your own colored world map in no time.

  1. Click one or some countries, which you want to paint.
  2. Select the color from the color palette. You will have clicked color, and the State’s color will change.
  3. Click the “Fix color” button, if you will have liked color.
  4. It repeats from 1 to 3.
  5. Finally, click the “Download” button. Then you get printable world map.



Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://english.freemap.jp/world_paint/world_paint.html
License: License Free

  • http://www.robertjamesphillips.com Rob

    I’ve recommended this to the print department, who will undoubtedly be saved many hours creating map vectors in the future. Thanks for the link

  • http://mahalie.com/ mahalie

    I forwarded this to a nonprofit that I volunteered design services to create a world map in the past. They’re constantly adding services in additional countries and can really use this. My old illustrator map was a pain to update! Thanks!!!

  • http://free-iphone-apple.blogspot.com mark

    That’s very nice. Thanks!

  • http://www.priyankgandhi.com Priyank

    Since long I was looking for such thing. Thanks

  • JbJigar

    Good job. Thanks.

  • LSATeacher

    thanks a bunch!! I homeschool and so needed this!

  • KL

    this is an awesome resource! and great that its free, really appreciate!

  • http://www.pixelstudioworks.com Kapil

    Thanks a lot, It’s a stuff….

  • Nicole

    This is a wonderful tool! Thanks for making available for free!

  • harley

    This is a wonderful tool! Thanks for making available for free…..blah..blah..blah

  • http://www.facebook.com/mehul.raval.9250 Mehul Raval

    it would be very useful if i can just list the countries with its colour in simple excel file and it gets coloured in the map

  • Laura R لارا

    This is very useful, thanks!
    Some small things: could you add South Sudan and fix Yemen’s border? Also, it’s difficult to click on small countries, such as Bahrain, and thinner borders on the zoom view might help with that.

  • Joshua Sanders

    the old verison was a lot better and easier to use

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