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Top 10 Free File Hosting for Web Developers

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Logo PR Alexa Space URL
1.png 7 1,316 1GB Take me there
1.png 7 72,973 1GB Take me there
1.png 6 741 5GB Take me there
1.png 6 110 1GB Take me there
1.png 6 93 12GB Take me there
1.png 6 136 Unlimited Take me there
1.png 6 15 50GB Take me there
1.png 5 3,746 1GB Take me there
1.png 5 314 300MB Take me there
1.png 5 8,173 25GB Take me there
  • Allan

    Where is the rapidshare?

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  • http://rockerspace.net Fabiana

    Unfortunately Box.net is not free anymore….

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  • http://techmalaya.com TechMalaya.com

    i only know about box.net and dropsend before. thanks for the pointers!

  • http://www.iranproud.com Moosa

    So Where is RS!?

  • http://www.iranproud.com ***HB***

    faghar rapishare
    DL rahat

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  • http://bikhoda.wordpress.com atheist

    what about MediaFire.com ?

  • Ouch

    Awwww, Where is King of all sites ??

    U Missed Rapidshare only ?

  • Pepe

    I agree with previous posters. Where is Rapidshare? If you add the traffic of all these little file-hosters (except Megaload) you’ll get the traffic that is caused by Rapishare.

  • http://www.ilkeraksoy.com iLker AksoY

    Harika bir araştırma..

    Thanks for a share !

  • http://www.digital-lifestyles.com digital-lifestyles

    Great list, I add 42mb.com & uploadchoice.com especially for image/file hosting.

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  • http://www.coredevise.com Dan Stelian

    Also a cute free file host is http://www.uploadpedia.com

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  • Ivo

    theres another one also http://www.fastfreeupload.com

  • Jordan

    This is a comment to allan @ the top,rapid share is the worst file hosting site i have ever come across,im glad they didnt put it in this blog

  • Raj

    Try http://www.boxstr.com. A good site as well.

  • alex
  • michael


    Ive been using it for a while. Give it a try, its pretty good

  • michael

    Sorry guys.
    I meant wwww.thefilegarage.com

    I added 4 w’s by accident

  • Gilad

    If you like MediaFire you have got to try http://ww.blazeload.com – Web 2.0 free file hosting at it’s best!

  • clod

    Try out http://www.dumpplace.com

    You get
    6GB of storage
    250mb single file size limit

  • http://zamrin.net/ zamri

    Good list.I appreaciate it.

  • http://meisekimu.com Megan

    drop box is also a cool online storage app. you can do shared folders or just use it for online back up or transport files between computers.


  • http://www.hostingref.com web hosting

    This is good lists and will turn helpful while choosing the required hosting for business.


  • http://www.sapkaci.biz şapka Şapkacı

    Good list.I appreaciate it.

  • http://www.bigholder.com Raj

    Thanx 4 this nice list :)

  • http://www.dsfileshare.com Brandon


    http://www.dsfileshare.com another 1GB with supper fast downloads.


  • http://simon.web.id simon

    thanks for share the list… i’ll try

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  • http://www.slingfile.com Josh B

    Don’t forget Sling File http://www.slingfile.com for free 1GB uploads and free file hosting.

  • Kapj

    i checked all of them and all from comments mediafire.com have best speed :d

  • http://mlp.udobnee.net/ Paul

    Try http://www.mylivepage.com/
    Even it is site constructor, it give at least 1Gb free space for files.

  • http://www.indoorhdantenna.com outdoor antenna

    cool…two of them on your list I never heard of. Thanks!

  • http://www.chicago-water-damage-restoration.info water damage chicago

    Out of all of these, I’ve only heard of 3 of them. I’ve uploaded and downloaded files from Mega Upload before. They are pretty reliable, so they get my endorsement.

  • vimpat500

    Do we have any similar web site list where wecan search for any related document in the piles of document uploaded.

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  • kk

    thanks for that.


  • http://hostermonster.com Unlimited Hosting

    Great list of free file hosting! If you want, you can add also rapidshare!
    Thanks for the information!

  • http://webhostingtop.org/ Web Hosting

    Thanks a lot for free hosting! Thank you for helping people with free hosting reviews!

  • http://ballwell.blogspot.com/ ballwell

    good info man!!!!
    i will check it out

  • http://gooddell.blogspot.com/ gooddell

    good info i try it

  • http://magento-template.org Magento Templates

    Thaks for this list. It’s great. I’ll try them.

  • http://freezipe.com/ freezipe

    good post..i like this

  • http://marhendraputra.co.cc Marhendra Putra

    these are all about file sharing which are very useful for free,

  • http://www.heshanj.info/ Heshan Peiris

    Megaupload provide 200GB space and 20GB bandwidth perday for free users and unlimited space and bandwidth for premium users. For me this is the best file sharing site. (RS sucks)

  • http://www.watersidemedia.com hampton roads web design

    awesome list. thanks for sharing and i’ll pass along!

  • http://www.didimtoday.com Didim

    l think rapid share is not bad is well but nice selection list.

  • http://hamroawaaz.com Web Guru

    My choice of free file hosting is mediafire for sure.

  • http://agus-mustofa.com/ Wahyu

    I like RAPIDSHARE.. ^_^

  • http://www.cinevin.org cinevin

    Hotfile The Best… Thanks…

  • http://phoebe168.wordpress.com/ phoebe

    good Sharing , thank you.

  • http://www.delhiwebhostingindia.com web hosting delhi

    Good list.I m just lovin webappers. Thanks for post.

  • http://www.thesketch.de/ webdesign bremen

    Wow… Its really amazing & helpful for everyone … its really a gift for web developers ..really great stuff :)

  • http://cramitin.webs.com cramitin.webs.com

    cramitin.co.cc its a site where you can host file up to 100gb per file unlimited file size and you can download rapidshare and megaupload ect files to their server and registered users can download files with only speed limits and resumable links and you van remote file transfer torrents there is never a limit

  • http://www.conceitodigital.com Paulo


  • http://a-1-computers.com Monty Haste

    Hey your website is great!

  • http://www.xportsoft.com/Services.aspx Nisha Shah

    File Dropper is another gud one.

  • http://www.kerzen-trend.de Kerzen

    Very good. Thanks

  • http://www.thegrizasonline.com/ Yimvirak

    Google is now provide free file hosting also, it is called Google Drive.

  • R Sheng Chew

    I’m using cheap hosting , http://www.profsetup.com , with preinstall scripts I can build a website in 2 mins

  • http://www.ki-jiji.ca kijiji
  • YetiShare .

    Hi, may I recommend https://yetishare.com/,
    it is a pre-made file hosting script that allows users to create their own file
    upload service.



  • Scott Seong

    Try http://www.anyfiles.org. Non-registered members can upload up to 4GB file, and the files are kept for 90 days. If you to keep the files indefinitely, register yourself free and you will have free 5GB space.

  • zxoiesru

    sabercathost .com free 5GB and super fast speeds

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