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dfGallery – a Professional and Most Features Flash Gallery

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Yes, it is true that dfGallery is one of the best Galleries currently on the web! It is a Flash Gallery with a lot of great features. It allows integration of most popular photo sharing sites like Flickr , Picasa , Photo Bucket and Fotki along with background music. It also supports both RSS and Custom Images. You can easily set the language for the dfGallery by setting values for a few xml nodes in the gallery.xml file. User can also swicth to full screen mode to view the gallery as well. dfGallery is easy to customised, for exmaple, Time duration of the slideshow, Pause slideshow, Link Images, Hide Menu System and Scale the images from RSS feeds.


This gallery fulfills all the needs of even a professional photographer or even a freelance artist. dfGallery is still in Alpha stage because there will be a lot more feature additions. This is really similar to the Gallery at Slideshowpro.net for which they charge $25 but here is the Gallery for FREE.

Requirements: PHP version 5+ and Flash player 7+
Demo: http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/06/07/dfgallery/
License: License Free

  • Don’t forget that slideshowpro was first ;)

    Other than that a very nice flash gallery (with plenty of options) indeed!

  • V.Hormazabal

    I`m happy now, I love slideshowpro but my clients never want to pay for that, now I can use something similar, and free¡¡¡¡¡

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  • Oddish

    Sure it’s free, but it doesn’t work. The demo hangs at 67% every time.

  • mklekow

    Gallery works great, but does not work with albums at Picassa and with IE. With Mozilla is OK, with IE I see only thumbnails and “loading” info :(
    Is it possible to add option in xml to start gallery in album selection screen,not at first album?

  • MC

    It is freezing for me at “loading 133%”. The images never load. The thumbs are there and working though.

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  • Unfortunately, I was unable to install this gallery to demo to a prospective client, as all of my attempts to install it in a subdomain directory of my webserver failed. Please correct this error, as this is a beautiful and feature-rich gallery that should function anywhere on the webserver, not just in the www root.

  • paul

    If i click on a link to a page containing a dfgallery, the gallery inside this page should be loaded in fullscreen mode by default. Is this possible?

  • paul

    Hi can anyone tell me how to start dfgallery with sound on? because at the begining it’s set mute..and i want to hear it from start

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