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Niceforms 1.0 Released

Posted · Category: Design, Forms, License Free

Sometimes, designing pretty forms with high usability is really hard even with lots of tutorials about how to design forms with CSS. Now, there is a very beautiful forms for you to download and use. You can also design your own theme for it if you do not like the default theme. Niceforms is a script that will replace the most commonly used form elements with custom designed ones.

Requirements: Firefox 1.5+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Safari and Opera
Demo: http://www.badboy.ro/assets/articles/niceforms1.0/niceforms.html
License: License Free

  • Cool!

  • Nice…

  • Adel

    very bad actually

    some events are not included and cause a huge headache
    i.e onchange event for the select box!!!

    thats only one examle

  • This is one stupid practice. Why do you have to give a different style for some browser controls that look good in general.

    During the development timeline in a project, using customized forms will give you hard times, so keep out. This is a wrong approach.

  • Steve Guy

    the approach is excellent visually, but too flaky with the simpler events like onChange, cause serious headaches.

  • Chris Serella

    Its done to give a uniform cross-browser look to a form, yes its considered bad practice but as long as it falls back gracefully to browser styling what’s the problem? A few simple checks to ensure the form is compatible with the browsers settings will eliminate all possible issues.

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