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Ultimate Xmas Gifts for Web Developers and Designers

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A human is a creative creature. However, in most cases this creativity needs some tools to be implemented. This principle has a long history: some theories claim that in fact tools made apes evolve into human beings. Now the sticks and stones are exchanged by more refined instruments. Nevertheless, we still need them to develop ourselves and our works.

Web design and web development are not the exceptions. Either you are a professional or an amateur, you need good tools to start the work process. Since there will be Christmas soon, I believe it will be helpful to list some of the best instruments for web designer and developers: utilities, apps, magazines. Make some gifts for your loved ones, friends – or for yourself in case you’re a web designer of web developer.


Creative designer needs to improve his manual skills of drawing to struggle for more originality in his works. This tablet is a wonderful choice for such noble cause.


This pen display is not so cheap, however the value of the gift will be more because of that. The accessory can be praised for high resolution and deep colors.


Adobe Photoshop is wonderful utility for photo editing with many useful features. It’s multifunctional and provides with huge set of brushes. Price: $19.99/Month for Annual Plan


This utility helps with post-processing. Price: $99.99


Being very rigorous regarding the pixilation, Illustrator is perfect for working with icons. Price: $19.99/Month for Annual Plan


Corel Painter is a utility, which is perfectly developed for drawing. Price: $249.00



SketchBook Pro is one of the most popular and effective applications to make digital sketches.
Price: $2.99


TypeDrawing will become an indispensable assistant in typography creating. Price: $2.99


iMockups is aimed for working with layers and frames both for desktop websites and apps. Price: $6.99



It’s probably the most famous magazine about what’s going on the web. The considerable part of net magazine is dedicated to web design and web development. Price: $62.49 for 6 month subscription


This print magazine is created specifically for web designers and will make them glad with showcases, tips, digests and so on.
Price: £ 80.00 for 13 issues


Photoshop Creative is all about Photoshop techniques, tricks and other details of dealing with this wonderful utility. Price: £ 80.00 for 13 issues


Computer Arts is a magazine for graphic designer and illustrator launched back in 1995. It contains everything to inspire, to share the latest events in design and to discover new talents. Price: $62.49 for 6 month subscription


I hope this digest will help you to choose the proper tool for web design activity and get more success in this field. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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