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Tutorial: Advanced Uploading Techniques Part I & II

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Uploading in HTML has always left much to be desired from developers. With the introduction of the File and Drag-and-Drop APIs, we are beginning to see improvements across many sites whose core functionality relies on uploading.

In Part I of Advanced Uploading Techniques, we will discuss reading file information and posting that up to a server. Of particular importance to this will be the concept of chunked uploading. In the Part II, we will address is the lack of a connection. Hardwired ethernet connections will always provide the most stable uploads, but for mobile browsers, especially ones not connected via WiFi, we must be able to react to a loss of connection.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Part I: http://creativejs.com/tutorials/advanced-uploading-techniques-part-1/
Part II: http://creativejs.com/advanced-uploading-techniques-part-2/
License: License Free

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