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Free Ultra-light Calendar/Date Picker jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Calendar, MIT License

CalendarPicker is a free ultra-light calendar/date-picker jQuery plugin. It looks different from all the others, supports multiple languages, and allows fast movement across months and years. This approach might not suitable for every context, but I am sure someone will find it useful.

CalendarPicker enables mouse wheel to change dates; it is enabled on years, months and days bars. Calendar picker is released under MIT license.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://bugsvoice.com/applications/bugsVoice/site/test…
License: MIT License

  • Staxx

    Very nice! At last there is a cool date / calendar component that’s not as boring as all the others that are all the same!

  • jQuery Original

    mmm, users are not used to this format. Very risky decision to implement it in a serious web.

  • This looks super! I totally like the approach of a calendar. Will have a look how I could use it in future projects. Will this work as a popup as well?

  • Mendrik

    Great stuff, I’m coding a PM tool right now and my date picker needs mostly this+next week related dates. I find this easier to use than the normal ones.

  • Very nice, but too strange to implement it on a ‘classic website’. How does it works if users don’t have a scrolling mouse ?

  • JustRAM

    It would have been better if one could pop it out on a click (it would be invisible by default, but enabled when clicking a date field).

  • Will probably be good to use to some advance users.
    I personally don’t like it though.
    I keep on doing extra thinking on which one to click.

  • At first glance this looks really cool but I expect would be fiddly and annoying to use once the novelty has warn off.

  • I will use it if it integrates with the MS JQuery Globalization plugin. As it’s important for us to support a globalized calendar.

  • I really like this plugin! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great stuff, At first glance this looks really hot.

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