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Build Your Mobile Native Games with HTML5 and JavaScript

Posted · Category: Framework

Spaceport helps you build beautiful high-performance games and run them as native apps. Spaceport uses OpenGL to accelerate rendering on native devices. With Spaceport’s graphics engine, you use versatile and efficient vector graphics formats instead of bloated sprite sheets. Doing so minimizes the size of asset downloads and drastically reduces loading times.

Spaceport leverages universal web standards like HTML5 and Javascript to deliver remarkably consistent gaming experiences across platforms. Spaceport allows you to create dynamic online games for multiple devices without a large development team. Better yet, Spaceport is completely free to use. Only pay if your game makes you money.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://spaceport.io/
License: See Agreement

Panning and Zooming Panoramic Images with PanoJS3

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

PanoJS3 is an interactive JavaScript widget for panning and zooming a panoramic image stitched together dynamically from smaller tiles. This widget can be used for viewing images that are much larger than the available space in the browser viewport. Examples include panoramas, maps or high resolution document scans.

PanoJS3 supports native navigation on most popular platforms: PCs, Macs, Mobile devices with touch interfaces, Phones and tablets. It has been tested on Chrome 3+, Safari 3+, FireFox 2+, Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 9+.


Requirements: JavaScript Enabled
Demo: http://www.dimin.net/software/panojs/
License: License Free

Intuitive Timeline jQuery Plugin from Different Sources

Posted · Category: Charts, GPL License

There are lots of timeline tools on the web but they are almost all either hard on the eyes or hard to use. The goal is to create timelines that are at the same time beautiful and intuitive for users.

Timeline is great for pulling in media from different sources. Just throw in a link from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps or SoundCloud and Timeline will format it to fit perfectly. More media types will be supported in the future. Creating one is as easy as filling in a Google spreadsheet or as detailed as JSON.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://timeline.verite.co/
License: GPL License

Control Gestures on Touch Devices with jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Hammer.js is a javascript library (that depends on jQuery) that can be used to control gestures on touch devices. It supports the following gestures: Tap, Double Tap, Hold, Drag, and Transform. It is lightweight with only 2kb.

Hammer.js has been tested on iPad1 with iOS5, iPhone4 with iOS5, Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.3.3 and Google Chrome 17. On a desktop browser the mouse can be used to simulate touch events with one finger.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://eightmedia.github.com/hammer.js/
License: License Free

Define Your Custom Scroll Path with jQuery Scroll Path

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

jQuery Scroll Path is a plugin that lets you define your own custom scroll path. The plugin uses canvas flavored syntax for drawing paths, using the methods moveTo, lineTo and arc. To help with getting the path right, a canvas overlay with the path can be enabled when initating the plugin.

Scrolling can be done with the mousewheel, up/down arrow keys and spacebar. The spacebar scrolls faster than the arrow keys, and holding shift while pressing space will scroll backwards. A custom scrollbar is also included, which allows click and drag scrolling. The scrollbar is enabled by default.

jQuery Scroll Path also allows rotating the entire page, using CSS transforms. This can be done either along a path, or around the current position. In browsers without CSS transform support, all rotations are ignored, but paths are still followed. This means the plugin works with graceful degradation in all browsers.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://joelb.me/scrollpath/
License: MIT License

Dynamic Grid Layout Plugin for Pinterest-like Websites

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Pinterest is getting very popular recently. Would you like to design a website with layout like Pinterest? The Wookmark jQuery Plugin is designed for laying out a dynamic grid of elements similar to jQuery Masonry. The Wookmark plugin detects the size of the window and automatically organizes the boxes into columns. You can resize your browser to see the layout adjust.

You can either set the width and height of all images in the HTML img attributes. The grid layout can be performed as soon as the document is rendered, before images are loaded. Or you can perform the grid layout after all images are loaded if the width and height of the images is not known.

You can also check out 15 Great Examples of Websites using Dynamic Grid Layout we have published some time ago. It gives you some ideas when creating such websites.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.wookmark.com/jquery-plugin
License: MIT License

Flow: Traffic Visualization You Have Never Seen

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

Flow is a traffic visualization like none you’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, it’s fast, and it’s incredibly intuitive. Instead of a line graph or a table, you get a diagram of the actual paths people take as they browse your site. Follow your users every step of the way – from the homepage, through signup, and each page they hit as they use your product.

You can figure out which pages are working and which ones aren’t. Flow shows you exactly how many people leave from each page of your site. It takes less than a second for a user to show up in Flow. If you’re launching a brand-new site, it’s the fastest way to see what’s happening.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://flow.mixpanel.com/
License: License Free

Mobile Ready Elegant jQuery Slideshow for Free

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

Camera Slideshow is an open source jQuery slideshow with many effects, transitions, easy to customize, using canvas and mobile ready. You can download it and use it for free, you can also include it in your projects and sell it as part of a bigger work.

Camera slideshow requires jQuery 1.4+ and other jQuery plugins are necessary if you want to use some functionalities: jQuery Easing and a customized version of jQuery Mobile to use it on mobile devices. These plugins are included in the zip file you can download.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.pixedelic.com/plugins/camera/
License: MIT License

A Realtime Dashboard & Graphing Toolkit

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Graphene is a realtime dashboard & graphing toolkit based on D3 and Backbone. It was made to offer a very aesthetic realtime dashboard that lives on top of Graphite (but could be tailored to any back end, eventually).

Combining D3’s immense capabilities of managing live data, and Backbone’s ease of development, Graphene provides a solution capable of displaying thousands upon thousands of datapoints in your dashboard, as well as presenting a very hackable project to build on and customize.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://jondot.github.com/graphene/
License: MIT License

Free Legal Documents, Contracts and Agreements

Posted · Category: Legal, License Free

Docracy is a social repository of contracts, legal agreements and other legal documents. Their mission is to make these documents freely available to the public. They also hope to make them easier to find, customize and execute.

No more shady templates behind a paywall that you download hoping everything will be alright. Instead: reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document.

Not only they are free to download, but also free to customize, store and sign online. The goal is to create a library of industry standard documents which will help you save on legal fees and transaction costs, hosted by a reliable third source.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.docracy.com/
License: License Free

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