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Boba.js – A JavaScript Library for Google Analytics

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Boba.js is a small, easily extensible JavaScript library that makes working with Google Analytics easier. It supports the old ga.js library as well as the new analytics.js library. It has one out of the box function, trackLinks, and makes tracking everything else child’s play. Requires jQuery.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://boba.space150.com/
License: MIT License

Minicron – Manage and Monitor Cron Jobs

Posted · Category: GPL License, Stats

Minicron aims to complement cron by making it easier to manage and monitor cron jobs, it can largely be thought of as two components that interact together, the CLI and the Hub. The CLI is what is installed on your server(s) and executes your cron command and reports the status back to the Hub.

The Hub is the central point where data from one or many instances of the CLI is received and stored in a database. The Hub also provides a web interface to the data and makes it easy to manage your cron jobs.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://jamesrwhite.github.io/minicron/
License: GPL v3 License

Opencall – Open Source Call Tracking Software

Posted · Category: GPL License, Stats

Opencall is the world’s first open source call tracking software. The software is available under the GPL v3 license, is written in PHP and utilises MySQL as the database platform.

Call tracking is a method of monitoring inbound phone calls. It allows you to record conversations, track key statistics such as caller id, call duration, call source and streamline your sales, customer service and marketing. Self-host your call tracking solution – own your data, cut your costs and track calls in any country.


Requirements: PHP, MySQL
Demo: http://www.ocall.org/
License: GPL v3 License

Bucky – Open Source Real User Monitoring

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

Bucky is a client and server for sending performance data from the client into statsd + graphite, OpenTSDB, or any other stats aggregator of your choice.

It can automatically measure how long your pages take to load, how long AJAX requests take and how long various functions take to run. Most importantly, it’s taking the measurements on actual page loads, so the data has the potential to be much more valuable than in vitro measurements.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://github.hubspot.com/bucky/
License: License Free

A JavaScript Module to Create Calendar Heatmap

Posted · Category: Calendar, MIT License, Stats

Cal-Heatmap is a javascript module to create a calendar heatmap. This module will help you to create a calendar, like the contribution calendar appearing on each github user’s page, but with navigation and more controls on the data formatting.

Cal-Heatmap works on most modern browsers supporting SVG, and was tested on Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 4+, Chrome 14+, Safari 5.0+, Opera 10+. Calendar can be customized by setting various options as well. Cal-HeatMap is licenced under the MIT Licence.


Requirements: JavaScript enabled
Demo: http://kamisama.github.io/cal-heatmap/
License: MIT License

Open Source Weather Data and Forecast API

Posted · Category: CC License, Stats

The OpenWeatherMap service provides free weather data and forecast API suitable for any cartographic services like web and smartphones applications. Ideology is inspired by OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia that make information free and available for everybody.

OpenWeatherMap provides wide range of weather data such as map with current weather, week forecast, precipitation, wind, clouds, data from weather stations and many others. Weather data is recieved from global meterological broadcast services and more than 40 000 weather stations.

You can recieve any weather data for your application by using JSON / XML API. Lots of applications for Android and iOS use OpenWeatherMap as weather data source. By the way the data can be received from WMS server and can be embedded into any cartographic web-application.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://openweathermap.org/
License: Creative Commons 2.0 License

A Realtime Monitoring System for PHP using MySQL

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Pinba is a MySQL storage engine that acts as a realtime monitoring/statistics server for PHP using MySQL as a read-only interface. It accumulates and processes data sent over UDP by multiple PHP processes and displays statistics in a nice human-readable form of simple “reports”, also providing read-only interface to the raw data in order to make possible generation of more sophisticated reports and stats.

Intaro Pinboard is a simple PHP monitoring system, which aggregates and displays Pinba data. Originally Pinba saves realtime (or nearly realtime) data in own tables. Pinboard periodically dumps this data in own tables and displays core metrics on basis of own data and realtime data from Pinba.


Requirements: PHP Framework
Demo: http://intaro.github.io/pinboard/
License: MIT License

Integrate Google Analytics Easily with Analytics.js

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Every project needs analytics. But you shouldn’t have to litter your codebase with third-party-specific calls. Changing or adding new services should be a snap.

That’s where analytics.js comes in! Instead of adding hooks for every single analytics service you integrate, you add a single set of provider-agnostic hooks that then route to any analytics service you want! Analytics.js gives you a hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.


Requirements: Google Analytics
Demo: http://segmentio.github.com/analytics.js/
License: MIT License

A/B Testing using Pure JavaScript & Google Analytics

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

ABalytics.js is a pure javascript library allows you to do simple A/B testing working only on your client-side code. All data is registered as custom variables in your website Google Analytics profile, so you don’t need to configure anything server side.

You simply mark the html elements you want to test on with a class, the substitution is automatic. There is no need to set anything up server side, the data is stored on Google Analytics. You can conduct multiple, independent experiments at the same time. Each experiment will use a custom variable slot. It is pure javascript, you just need to include GA.


Requirements: JavaScript, Google Analytics
Demo: https://github.com/danmaz74/ABalytics
License: MIT License

Dashing: Exceptionally Handsome Dashboard Framework

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Dashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards. You can use premade widgets, or fully create your own with css, html, and coffeescript. Widgets harness the power of data bindings to keep things simple.

You can also use the API to push data to your dashboards, or make use of a simple ruby DSL for fetching data. It supports Drag & Drop interface for re-arranging your widgets. You can host your dashboards on Heroku in less than 30 seconds. Dashing was originally created at Shopify for displaying custom dashboards on TVs around the office.


Requirements: Ruby 1.9+
Download Link: http://dashingdemo.herokuapp.com/sample
License: MIT License

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