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Pancake.io Makes Static Sites Easily

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Pancake is built on a simple idea — to publish static sites easily, whether from your Dropbox account or from a git repository. Pancake reads files from your Dropbox folder, and makes them available from the web.

You can embed an automatically updating list of your Dropbox files on any website. There is a Built-in Generator that convert text files automatically. You can also edit your Dropbox-hosted site from their web interface.


Requirements: -
Demo: https://pancake.io/
License: License Free

Creative and Modern Inline Anchor Styles & Hover Effects

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Codrops has shared an article showing some inspiration for inline anchor styles. There are creative and modern inline anchor styles and hover effects using different techniques like pseudo-element transitions and SVGs.

There are some interesting things we can do to them and you’ve surely spotted already some of these around the web. Mostly involving pseudo-elements trickery and also some SVG magic (last two styles).

Please note that this is for your inspiration, so make sure to view it with a state-of-the-art browsers. Some browsers don’t support transitions on pseudo-elements.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://tympanus.net/Development/InlineAnchorStyles/
License: License Free

200+ PSD Blocks and Elements for Responsive Sites

Posted · Category: License Free

Sally Blocks is a huge free set of ready to use elements and components for simple and fast creating of responsive web pages. Package includes PSD file with all Blocks in 4 resolutions, UI elements and styles file. We offer you Blocks with descriptions, features, contacts, portfolio and much more. With it’s help you can quickly construct any kind of landing page.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://pixelbuddha.net/freebie/sally-blocks
License: License Free

Crosswalk – Web Runtime for Ambitious HTML5 Apps

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

Many HTML5 applications need more than just a browser, they need all the features of a native application. Crosswalk is a web runtime for ambitious HTML5 applications. It provides all the features of a modern browser, combined with deep device integration and an API for adding native extensions. It is especially suited to mobile devices, with support for both Android and Tizen.

By using Crosswalk, an application developer can: Use all the features available in modern web browsers: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. You can also add custom extensions to an application, to leverage platform features not exposed by Crosswalk or the standardized web platform.


Requirements: -
Demo: https://crosswalk-project.org/
License: License Free

How to Create Adaptive Placeholders with CSS

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

Danny King has designed an interactive placeholder thing for his forms and wrote it entirely in CSS. He has shared how he designed that placeholder and how it manages to adapt to user input.

Before he came up with the Adaptive Placeholder, it was just using a normal one. he liked the simplicity of using a placeholder as a label. It actually made a pretty crappy interaction for the user though. A user would type and the text disappeared. The person who enters a value first isn’t always the same person who sees it later. To solve this problem he tried making the placeholder persist through the typing.


Requirements: CSS
Demo: http://blog.circleci.com/adaptive-placeholders/
License: License Free

Free Download: 220 Line Icons in PSD Format

Posted · Category: Icons, License Free

Catalin Fertu is an Interface Designer. He has shared a nice set of 220 line icons in PSD format. You can use them as you wish. All the icons are royalty free for personal and commercial use.


Requirements: -
Demo: https://dribbble.com/shots/1563947-Free-Icon-Set
License: License Free

Find Daily Colorful Inspiration with The Day’s Color

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, License Free

Everything you see contains a palette. Some beautiful. Some ‘ugly’. Some dark. Some light. Some hot. Some cold. But they are all inspiring. They are all engaging. Color can adjust our perception. It can effect the way our food tastes. It can increase the emotional and intuitive level of an experience.

The goal of The Day’s Color is to find colorful inspiration from things that surround us. These colors have inspired thought, art, music, memories. Everything. These colors have conjured thoughts outside ourselves. Tapped into things that we may not understand, at first. But, in a sense, make things so much clearer.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://www.thedayscolor.com/
License: License Free

How to Recreate Samsung Grid Loading Effect

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

If you already come across the Samsung Corporate Design Center, you certainly have noticed the stylish Samgsung Grid Loading Effect. The colored background of an item slides in first and when it slides out again to the opposite side, the image is revealed.

The idea is to load grid images showing a swiping animation of a colored element first. For that we’ll dynamically add a division that we’ll color with the most prominent color of the associated image and then we’ll animate that element to reveal the image. We’ll add an animation that looks like the one seen on the Samsung site and we’ll also add two more, a swipe to the bottom and a swipe rotation.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2014/05/15/recreating…
License: License Free

Framer Turns Mockups into Prototypes with Animation

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Framer is a JavaScript framework that makes creating realistic prototypes a breeze, complete with filters, spring physics and full 3D effects. Define interactions and create animations in a simple, readable and powerful way.

Framer Generator is a desktop app that imports the resources and folder hierarchy from Photoshop files. Once your visual design is done, import your file with Framer Generator and immediately start to add interaction and animation.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://framerjs.com/
License: License Free

Quill: Open Source Rich Text Editor with API

Posted · Category: Forms, License Free

Quill was built to address the problem that existing WYSIWYG editors are themselves WYSIWYG. If the editor was not exactly the way you want it, it was difficult or impossible to customize it to fit your needs.

Quill aims to solve this by organizing itself into modules and offering a powerful API to build additional modules. It also imposes no styles to allow you to skin the editor however you wish. Quill also provides all of what you’ve come to expect from a rich text editor, including a lightweight package, numerous formatting options, and wide cross platform support.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://quilljs.com/
License: License Free

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