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Predictive Features & Personalization with Prediction.io

Posted · Category: Framework

PredictionIO is an open source machine learning server for software developers to create predictive features, such as personalization, recommendation and content discovery.

With PredictionIO, you can add the following features to your apps instantly: predict user behaviors offer personalized video, news, deals, ads and job openings, help users to discover interesting events, documents, apps and restaurants, provide impressive match-making services and more. PredictionIO is built on top of solid open source technology. They support Hadoop, Mahout, Cascading and Scalding natively.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://prediction.io/
License: Apache License v2.0

Snap.svg – JavaScript SVG library for the Modern Web

Posted · Category: Framework

SVG is an excellent way to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. And the Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM. With a rich animation library and easy event handing, Snap.svg lets you bring your SVG to life.

Snap.svg is designed for modern browsers and therefore supports the newest SVG features like masking, clipping, patterns, full gradients, groups, and more. Snap.svg is available under an Apache 2 license which means it’s completely open-source, and completely free.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://snapsvg.io/demos/
License: Apache 2 License

Gumby – An Amazing Responsive CSS Framework

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Gumby Framework is a flexible, responsive CSS Framework, Powered by SASS. Create rapid and logical page layout and app prototypes with a flexible and responsive grid system and UI kit. It is built with the power of Sass. Sass is a powerful CSS preprocessor which allows us to develop Gumby itself with much more speed — and gives you new tools to quickly customize and build on top of the Gumby Framework.

Gumby is developed following the latest standards and specs. In order to stay on the cutting edge, Gumby supports modern web browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 – 10.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.55.42 PM

Requirements: -
Demo: http://gumbyframework.com/
License: MIT License

Ghost – A Simple, Open and Free Blogging Platform

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Six months ago, Ghost was revealed the public for the first time on Kickstarter. It raised more than $100,000 in the first 48 hours of funding, and went on to triple that figure within its 29 day funding period, the Ghost prototype received more attention than ever before as people finally saw the platform in action.

Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing. It’s beautifully designed, completely customisable and completely Open Source. Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. It’s simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time messing with making your blog work – and more time blogging.

Ghost is free software released under the MIT License, which pretty much means you can do anything you want with it. The MIT License is one of the most free and open licenses in the world, and does not restrict how you use the software which it’s applied to. We believe open source software should be free. As in free.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.27.07 PM

Requirements: -
Demo: http://ghost.org/
License: MIT License

Flexbox – A Cleaner and Hack-free CSS

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License, MIT License

CSS has been lacking proper layout mechanisms for far too long. Transitions, animations, filters, all of these are great and useful additions to the language, but they don’t address the major problems that Web developers have been complaining about for what seems like an eternity.

Flexbox is not another CSS framework. Instead, its purpose is to showcase problems once hard or impossible to solve with CSS alone, now made trivially easy with Flexbox. View the styles in the Web inspector or dive into the source to see just how easy CSS layout will become.


Requirements: CSS Framework
Demo: http://philipwalton.github.io/solved-by-flexbox/
License: MIT, GPL License

Harp – A Static Web Server with Built-in Preprocessing

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

Harp is a zero-configuration static web server with built in pre-processing. It supports Jade, Markdown, EJS, LESS, Stylus, and CoffeeScript. Harp is great for rapidly building front-end web applications, documentation, and blogs.

Harp intelligently compiles assets as the browser needs them, so it’s insanely fast. All you have to do is Save and Refresh. You can keep your code clean and organized: reuse common elements with partials, and maintain a consistent site design with layouts. Whether you’re making a GitHub project page, or a mobile application using Apache Cordova/PhoneGap, you can easily compile your code to HTML, CSS & JavaScript and host it anywhere.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://harpjs.com/
License: License Free

Dart – A New Language for Structured Web Apps

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

Dart is a new language, with tools and libraries, for structured web app engineering. The Dart language is familiar and easy to learn. It’s class based and object oriented, without being dogmatic. The core libraries provide all the basics, including support for asynchronous programming with Futures.

Polymer.dart lets you use future web APIs today, with support for web components, custom elements, data binding, and more. Dart apps are fastest in the Dart VM, but they can be speedy even after compilation to JavaScript. All modern browsers (both desktop and mobile) can run Dart web apps, thanks to the Dart-to-JavaScript compiler.


Requirements: -
Demo: https://www.dartlang.org/
License: New BSD License

FireShell: Fiercely Quick Front-end Framework

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

The opinionated FireShell framework. Built for the modern developer. For teams and the individual, encouraging a better workflow. JavaScript task running, build processes, autominification and file concatenation, wrapped with an enhanced HTML5 boilerplated framework.

It’s a a cutting edge take on the HTML5 boilerplate with some HTML5 semantics and WAI-ARIA roles for baseline semantic markup and web accessibility. CSS structure for small projects and scaling big, a fantastic setup to get your Object-Orientated CSS scaling. Ships with fully adaptive folder hierarchies.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://getfireshell.com/
License: License Free

Transform Your Website into One Page Scroll Website

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

One Page Scroll let you transform your website into a one page scroll website that allows users to scroll one page at a time. It is perfect for creating a website in which you want to present something to the viewers. For example, Apple’s iPhone 5S website uses the same technique.

You can customize the animation timing, the selector or even the animation easing using CSS3. Don’t forget to grab them for free on Github. Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on both desktop and smartphones have been tested.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://www.thepetedesign.com/demos/onepage_scroll…
License: License Free

Semantic: Sharing UI Elements Between Developers

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Semantic UI is a set of specifications for sharing UI elements between developers. Semantic is also a UI library to make front end development simpler and easier to learn. The Semantic library describes many UI elements. In most instances it might be best to build a custom build with only the elements you need.

UI components are split into four categories, ranging from smallest to largest in scope: UI Elements, UI Collections, UI Modules and UI Views. Semantic gives you a variety of UI components with real-time debug output, letting your code tell you what its doing.


Requirements: -
Demo: http://semantic-ui.com/
License: MIT License

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