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Giveaway: 3x Professional Plan of ContactMetrics

Posted · Category: Announcement

Gathering information about your clients can prove to be something very hard to do, especially if you are using an outdated form type. Of course, you can access any important analytics service, but most of the time they won’t tell you the exact location of your customer, and other related data, which may help your support team find and solve problems.

This is where Contactmetrics comes in, a powerful solution that successfully combines forms and analytics tools into a single, powerful toolkit. The main purpose of this particular tool is to help its users generate more sales and improve the efficiency of support teams by knowing the location and identify the problem source for any customer or website visitor.

It’s very easy to use Contactmetrics, you have to customize the desired contact form, and, after that, you can easily embed it to your website without problems. Once this step is performed, you can then receive valid analytics data, via mail, each time a customer adds data to your form. It’s quick and very efficient.


The amount of features included in Contactmetrics is astonishing, and it provides you with all the means to create unique, beautiful forms via drag and drop. On top of that, it also allows you access to very important analytic data, which you can use to improve the way you deal with customers. The grabbed data includes IP address, page visited, referral source, computer details and also computer location, among others.

The Contactmetrics service comes with 3 different payment plans: Starter, which is 19$ per month, Professional (39$ per month) and Business (79$ per month).

We are going to giveaway 3 yearly subscriptions of the Contactmetrics Professional plan, which are worth more than 400$ each. In order to be eligible for winning a license, all you have to do is to leave a comment under this post, and you will automatically be entered in the contest. Please keep the comments interesting. Good luck.

Winners (Updated: 8th March 2014)

1. Eric
2. Sergey Aleksashov
3. Russ ツ

  • Sergey Aleksashov

    Well, I’m a developer, and as such I’d really like to use this service, very useful since most of my websites use forms to convert.
    Also, I check Webappers news everydays (yup! procrast.), keep up the good job!

  • wites

    Making forms manually can sometimes be a pain that’s why I really like this form builder capability. It’s good that it has a WordPress plugin now. I wish I could win one.

  • Reza

    oh man , the Embed capability is awesome , it makes my life easier .
    by the way if we put this in the main index we have a site metric too .
    its so good .

  • Russ ツ

    That’s pretty sweet. As @wites:disqus mentioned, forms can really be a pain – it’s probably the aspect of development I like the least.

  • Paulo Oliveira

    wow, awesome giveaway!
    I always strugle with forms, so this would be very, very handy!

    congrats webappers!

  • Adam Anlauf

    Great tool for my business good points made in the video about collecting data and collecting data from forms.

  • I could definitely use a tool like this. I have emails flying through all day every day, it would be great to see who contacts me from the site form and to be able to keep up with metrics related to our visitors. Count me in.

  • I need want to win it’s a great tool i love it…

  • Jimmy

    This looks like a great service. Would love to use it for our website

  • Vincent Carpenter

    Would love to give it a try.

  • Mark Collins

    The analytics is pretty impressive. Being able to see what a user has already looked at before they submit a request for info form is very useful.

  • Tars

    I would love to use this for my fledgling lil business, would be very helpful getting started!

  • Did anyone win this? I do not remember seeing an update with the winner. I would be interested to see who won.

  • Redspark Technologies

    Amazing tool. I would be happy to try this out.

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