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Display Instagram Media on Your Website with jQuery

Posted · Category: Tools

Pongstagr.am is a jQuery plugin that lets display your instagram media to your website using Bootstrap Front-end styles and modal-plugin.

For the most part, Instagram’s API only requires the use of a client_id. A client_id simply associates your server, script, or program with a specific application. However, some requests require authentication – specifically requests made on behalf of a user.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://pongstr.github.io/pongstagr.am/
License: Apache License

  • May Gamer Ordillo

    *clap Awesome!

  • Gerald Anthony Piangco

    Dang, bro! Having your work featured here is extremely awesome! You deserve a pat on the back… Kudos!

  • Allan Atim

    Kudos bro.

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