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Breeze Helps You Manage Data in Rich Client Apps

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Breeze is a JavaScript library that helps you manage data in rich client applications. If you store data in a relational database, query and save those data as complex object graphs, and share these graphs across multiple screens of your JavaScript client, Breeze is for you.

Business data objects mirror your server-side model. Breeze creates them dynamically. Their properties bind to UI controls so the UI updates when your data model changes. Each object knows when it has changed and what has changed.

Breeze works out-of-the-box with all modern browsers on desktop and mobile devices. These browsers implement the current JavaScript standard, known as ECMAScript 5 (ES5), which Breeze uses internally. Breeze is free and open source through the MIT license.


Requirements: JavaScript
Download Link: http://www.breezejs.com/
License: MIT License

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