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Pretty Ajax Charts with xCharts, jQuery and MySQL

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Charts are a great visual aid when presenting data. You can’t build a professional admin panel without them. They are also tricky to set up. However, there is a new library that makes things easier – xCharts.

TutorialZine has published an article: Make Pretty Charts for Your App with jQuery and xCharts, that used xCharts along with the daterange picker for Twitter Bootstrap, to build a pretty, AJAX-powered chart for your web application that fetches data from a MySQL table.


Requirements: JavaScript and MySQL
Download Link: http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2013/01/charts-jquery-ajax/
License: License Free

  • Insight article for web developers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Insight article for web developers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice Work. I really appreciate your post. It is very beneficial for web developers.

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