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A Fully Responsive & Lightweight jQuery Dateinput Picker

Posted · Category: Calendar, Forms, MIT License

Pickadate.js is a fully responsive and lightweight jQuery dateinput picker. It looks pretty neat and simple. It is easy to use. And alos, you can have different themes for it as well.

It has been tested on IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS Safari, Android browser. The pickadate.js script supports all modern browsers and IE 9+. To support IE 7+ and other old browsers, include pickadate.legacy.js instead. It is released under MIT License.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Download Link: http://amsul.github.com/pickadate.js/
License: MIT License

  • http://www.ama3.com/anytime/ Andrew M. Andrews III

    For an easy-to-use picker that makes it easier to select dates and/or times in the distant past or future with minimal clicks and ARIA keyboard support, check out http://www.ama3.com/anytime/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=739247946 Dennis Suitters

    I think the below link is a much better timepicker. Would love to see it integrated, or know it it works with this one.


  • nwcic

    Beautiful layout and clear. Not working on Android though. Will check back on your good work later.

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