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A Dashboard Shows An Overview of Bugs in GitHub

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

GitHub Survivor is a simple bug dashboard that shows an overview of bugs in a GitHub-hosted repo. 99designs is using it at to keep an eye on the bug count and remind themselves to close bugs.

It’s easy to forget about bugs when you’re knee-deep in feature development. This dashboard is a good way to keep bugs on people’s minds, and to show at-a-glance information about the current bug situation. GitHub Survivor scrapes your bug data using the GitHub API and stores it in your local Mongo DB for subsequent querying.

A bug leaderboard occupies the bulk of the screen. It shows who’s closed the most bugs this sprint and who’s forgotten to spend some time fixing bugs. There are charts showing the number of bugs opened and closed in recent sprints, the open bug count over time, and a big indicator showing the current open bug count.


Requirements: Github
Download Link: https://github.com/99designs/githubsurvivor
License: MIT License

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