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Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio for iOS Apps

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Ejecta is a fast, open source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio implementation for iOS. Think of it as a Browser that can only display a Canvas element. Ejecta is like a Browser without the Browser. It’s specially crafted for Games and Animations. It has no DIVs, no Tables, no Forms – only Canvas and Audio elements. This focus makes it fast.

JavaScript code is executed directly by a JavaScript VM, the HTML5 Canvas API is implemented in native code with OpenGL, Audio is implemented with OpenAL. Several other APIs (touch, accelerometer, localStorage) behave like those in a real browser.

Many HTML5 Games run out of the box, or with minimal modifications – with better performance, better sound support, Game Center integration and more.


Requirements: iOS App
Demo: http://impactjs.com/ejecta
License: MIT License

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  • emrahatilkan

    Apple will forbid it, soon.

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