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Sneak Peek of WebAppers New Design

Posted · Category: Announcement

WebAppers has been around since 2007, and I really enjoy hunting the best open source resources for web developers every single day. I always felt like WebAppers needs a new design, but I had no time to do it until a month ago.

I have been busy working on the new design of WebAppers and I am pretty excited to get to this far. Here is a sneak peek of the new design of WebAppers.

You can Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for the new design. Thanks again for all of your support. I will keep bringing you the best free resources around the world!


  • Yann


    Your future design is very very close to the new design of Google+ ;-)
    This is not a criticism at all !

    Good luck for the future and thank you for your website.

  • Bruno

    Looking forward to see it =)
    Keep up the good job!

  • James

    Looks good Ray, keep up the good work, still visit daily!

  • Haha! Funny that looks like Google+ redesign, at least the Navigation sidebar. I like it

  • ainos

    very nice! if you need some help just ask! :)
    please, don’t forget to put in the front page the list of components, I think it’s the most useful list of links! maybe you can put it just the icons in the top.. :D

  • Chema

    Nice!!! Your blog is amazing!!! I read it from Spain!!! Regards!!!

  • At first glance i thought it was a admin design….

  • Marco

    Looking good, when can we see it ?

  • Excited already to see it :)
    I’ve been reading the blog daily too since 2007

  • Gilles

    Yeah it looks exactly like the new Google+ design :)

  • looks very good, but unfortunately it is similar to the google plus too! :(

  • Ray Cheung

    Thank you for all of your support and valuable feedback.

    Yes… I just found the navigation menu looks a lot like Google Plus new design today too. But, I actually made this design a couple of weeks ago… :(

    Well… At least it proved that the navigation menu is good, so that Google use it too. Or simply because I can read Google’s mind. haha! I promise it will look awesome, and it goes responsive as well. Stay tuned! :)

  • Looks great, when can we expect it live…

  • Looks very good! Congrats!

  • Avi

    Looks Great! Congrats Ray. Your blog is absolutely awesome! keep up the amazing work!

  • Looks great guys. I really appreciate you blog and look forward to seeing your new site. Keep up the great work!

  • one screenshot is not enough, but i think it’s awesome, you are really doing great work here, and with a design change will make a better impact, keep up the good work

  • looking sharp.

  • Alex

    Don’t worry about the comparisons. You should feel proud of your work. Thank you for the daily web resources, and your dedication to this site! :D

  • looks great, keep up the good job ;)

  • well, of course it looks great :)
    maybe google want you to make their next great design :D

  • The new design looks great, looks as good as your posts, I’ve always wanted to ask what´s the meaning of your logo?

  • ainos

    maybe its because of the “Hunting the best open source…”

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