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A JavaScript Data Transformation & Management Library

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License, MIT License

Miso is an open source toolkit designed to expedite the creation of high-quality interactive storytelling and data visualisation content. The first release under the Miso Project is Miso Dataset, a JavaScript client-side data management and transformation library.

It makes managing client-side data easy by handling loading, parsing, sorting, querying & manipulating data from all sorts of sources. Unlike client-side frameworks that focus on entity modelling, Dataset is designed exclusively for working with matrices/tables of data. This allows a rich set of number crunching capabilities and helps optimise the handling of large numbers of rows.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://misoproject.com/dataset/
License: MIT, GPL License

Open Source File Manager for Web using jQuery UI

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder program used in Mac OS X operating system. It supports all operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename). Background file upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support.

You can edit edit text files and images easily. Flexible configuration of access rights, upload file types, user interface and other. It also supports archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2). elFinder was tested in Firefox 10, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 5, Opera 11 and Chrome 15+.


Requirements: PHP 5.2+, jQuery UI
Demo: http://elfinder.org/
License: BSD License

Highly Customizable Social Counter jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

Koottam Social jQuery Plugin is a simple, powerful and elegant Social jQuery Plugin to display your social links. The plugin can be highly customized through 10+ options. There are 7 themes available, and it’s very easy to add more themes in css. One of the best things is that you can make the count display animated easily.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://jobyj.in/koottam-jquery-plugin/
License: License Free

Foundation Icon Fonts by ZURB

Posted · Category: Fonts, Icons, MIT License

Foundation Icon Fonts is custom icon sets that are stored in a handy web font. A couple lines of CSS and the right markup will get you going in no time. You can use some awesome CSS techniques to start exploring different styles.

They designed the glyphs to be refined enough to stand alone as a simple icon, but left room for the imagination. Since you’ll be dealing with a font, the opportunities are nearly limitless. Now your icons can be any size, any color and any style available in CSS.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.zurb.com/playground/foundation-icons
License: MIT License

Giveaway 5x Life Time Free Positionly Accounts

Posted · Category: Announcement

Positionly makes it super easy to track your website’s position and measure your SEO performance. You can browse detailed statistics of website position for all of your keywords. Every keyword you add to Positionly tracks its own history, position change and comments made. You can also group them for better organization.

Unlike many others, Positionly is using modern web technologies wisely, so that it is supported on most of the currently available mobile platforms including, iOS and Android. You can try Positionly absolutely free for 14 days, and you do not need to provide your credit card details to start with. You can also sign up with the promo code “webappers” in order to get 10% discount off for all plans.


Positionly is very kind to giveaway 5x Life time Free accounts to our readers. In order to win one of the life time free accounts, you simply need to make a tweet with any messages containing “http://positionly.com”. 5 Winners will be picked randomly on 29th April 2012. Please also stay tuned with Positionly, they are rolling out some exciting features very soon.

Bringing jQuery UI Widgets to ASP.NET with JuiceUI

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License, MIT License

Juice UI is an open-source collection of WebForms components that brings jQuery UI Widgets to your project with ease. Start leveraging the power of the world’s most popular JavaScript UI library while working with familiar code in your ASP.NET projects.

Juice UI allows you to create flexible, interactive web applications quickly. Entice your users with behaviors such as drag & drop, resizing, sorting and selecting. Build first class apps with accordions, autocompletes, datepickers, sliders, and more. Juice UI provides the simplicity needed for prototyping and the robustness needed for enterprise class production applications.


Requirements: ASP.NET
Demo: http://juiceui.com/
License: MIT, GPL License

How to Create a Sticky Navigation Menu with jQuery

Posted · Category: License Free, Menu

Ribbons are liked for a reason, though — they break the mostly flat design paradigm that we’re traditionally bound to, and they’re one of the few visual elements to do so in an inconspicuous way.

Webdesign Tuts has written a great tutorial: Create a Sticky Navigation Header Using jQuery Waypoints, which tells us how to create an alternative visual style for such elements, which is more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-tutorials…
License: License Free

Gmail-like Auto Saving Drafts jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Forms, MIT License

Imagine you’re filling a complex form on site, or typing effervescent and extensive comment. And when you’re almost done with that browser is crashed, or you closed tab mistakenly, or electricity is turned off, or something else break your efforts.

With Sisyphus on site you just reopen page in your modern (with HTML5 support) browser and see all your changes at that forms. It’s lightweight (3.5 KB) jQuery plugin uses Local Storage to prevent your work being lost. And Sisyphus is easy to use and needs you just to select forms to protect.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://simsalabim.github.com/sisyphus/
License: MIT License

A Collection of CSS3 List Scrolling Styles

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Hakim has created a set of CSS3 Scrolling Effects. It was not intended for any practical use but the visuals are surprisingly impactful. This works by applying a future/past class to list items outside of the viewport as you scroll. Based on this class a variety of transforms are transitioned to via CSS.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://lab.hakim.se/scroll-effects/
License: License Free

JavaScript Libraries for Interactive Experience via HTML5

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries and tools which work together to enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. These libraries are designed to work completely independently, or mixed and matched to suit your needs. The CreateJS Suite is comprised of: EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS, PreloadJS, and Zoë.

I really like PreloadJS, which makes it easy to preload your assets: images, sounds, JS, data, or others. It uses XHR2 to provide real progress information when available, or fall back to tag loading and eased progress when it isn’t. It allows multiple queues, multiple connections, pausing queues, and a lot more.


Requirements: JavaScript Enabled
Demo: http://createjs.com
License: License Free

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