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Cupcake Auto-Generated Text is Really Sweet

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Sometimes, I love the way people creating some really simple but really sweet web applications. Cupcake Ipsum is definitely one of them. It makes people love your project even more.

Cupcake Ipsum generates a random text based on different sweet treats. You can choose the number and the length of paragraphs, start the first paragraph with “Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet” and if you still need to spice up your lorem ipsum – you can ”add some love” to the text. Here is what I got:

“Cupcake ipsum dolor. Sit amet brownie gummies applicake sugar plum faworki gummi bears. Cotton candy I love chocolate bar fruitcake fruitcake gingerbread I love muffin. I love I love I love croissant tiramisu jelly I love.”


Requirements: –
Demo: http://cupcakeipsum.com/
License: License Free

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  • galechus

    great… :)

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