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Google Analytics Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

Posted · Category: Stats, Tools

Either you’re a web developer, blogger or anyone with a website, you probably use Google Analytics to collect and process crucial data about your site’s visitors. Now, we got GAget for you, it is a Google Analytics Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard.

You can see the important information of the day without any clutter. You can check out the number of your visits for the last two weeks. See the rate of new visitors and bouncers. You can either refresh data with one click or wait for the automatic refresh. And it’s easy to switch between profiles too.


Requirements: Mac OS X
Demo: http://www.zoltanhosszu.com/gaget/
License: License Free

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  • http://www.zoltanhosszu.com/ zoltanhosszu

    Wow, thanks for featuring my work :)

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