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Pretty Slick Alternative jQuery Documentation

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The jQuery documentation is great, very complete, nicely written and with a lot of examples and demos. However, it is difficult to find the right documentation for what we search for. Try to search for the .is() function for example. Over 100 matches before the actual function we are looking for. And it is a fixed layout.

jQAPI is an Alternative jQuery Documentation, which is very fast and slick. The navigation becomes much more easier. And the style is clean and comfortable to use. In my opinion, it should be the best alternative jQuery documentation out there.


Source: http://jqapi.com/

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    WOW site
    i will save it in my favorites
    and i will try to download it to my pc

  • http://www.thetechhub.com geekonweb

    Pretty nice and easy navigation. Thanks for the link.

    I was using http://www.visualjquery.com from a long time. Since it was using older version (1.2.6) finally I decided to come with own implementation .


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