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How to Create Native-Feeling iOS Apps in Javascript

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Though it’s not widely known, you can write native-feeling iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad in JavaScript (+ HTML and CSS). If you want to put it in the app store, you can even package your web app as a “native” Objective-C app.

In this article, Matt will explain HOWTO: Create native-looking iPhone/iPad applications from HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which includes how to strip away the browser chrome (the url bar and button bar); prevent viewport scrolling and scaling; respond to multi-touch and gesture events; use webkit CSS to get the iPhone OS look and feel; cache the app so it runs without internet access; get a custom icon on the home screen; and have a splash screen load at the start.


Source: http://matt.might.net/articles/how-to-native-iphone-ipad-apps…

  • James


    Thanks for this, it came a very apt time for me :)


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    Awesome, this will come handy for sure.

  • Very Handy, Thanks

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