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Free Platform for Collaboration and Project Management

Posted · Category: GPL License, Social, Tools

TeamLab is a free open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. It allows you to use social networking tools such as blogs and forums, organize business tasks and milestones, as well as communicate with your team members via corporate IM.

TeamLab business collaboration platform is an open-source software. The source code is for developers and experienced users who wish to install and configure the platform manually on their own server. According to the license terms, you are free to test, evaluate, customize and improve the code.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.teamlab.com/
License: GPL License

  • Olga

    Ray, thanks for covering TeamLab! I’d like to add that TeamLab also provides ability to create,edit and share docs right on the portal. And soon a mobile app will be introduced. Our news you can find on http://www.facebook.com/TeamLab

  • David Rubin

    Interesting… no ajax, but very few graphics so fast. No ability to tremendously customize output of time reports or filter on projects for invoicing. Still a good start.

  • You should also check Freedcamp ;) => http://freedcamp.com/
    This is their press release => http://cdn.freedcamp.com.s3.amazonaws.com/v1/FreedcampPressRelease.pdf

  • Very nice collaboration platform. API for developpers, easy to use and best of all totally free.

    Another great discovery by Webappers.

  • I setup a Team Lab project for a Give Camp. Worked well. Wish it had Google doc integration and maybe a wiki per project…Might have to look into that. The source is out there. Great app.

  • This looks like a really interesting app. Think this will be very popular within companies, the fact its free is also very impressive. The talks about a mobile app is great, keeping you updated on the go. Great find Webappers and thumbs up to TeamLab.

    I would love to see it as a wordpress theme so you can customize it, that would be the icing on the cake!

  • Olga

    Will, we plan to add the icing on the cake- working on customization!

  • I second Mauro as Freedcamp.com is built in PHP and is much faster than the sluggish .NET TeamLab is built on.

  • Olga

    Angel, we have already discussed this issue with you in our blog at http://www.teamlab.com/blog/2010/07/how-much-does-free-enterprise-software-cost-with-time/#comments
    and came to the conlusion that there are no evident unbiased facts that PHP is better or worse than .NET. It’s just a matter of one’s needs and preferences.

  • Kevin

    by the way, they have just released an online document editor and still offer their platform for free with all the features available including the access rights management. we use this platform and are very satisfied with the functionality. the team got used for it quickly.

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