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CSS3 Text to Path Generator

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CSS3Warp is a proof of concept: create Illustrator like “warped” text (text following an irregular path) with pure CSS and HTML.

CSS3 brings new text-transform options: rotation, skew, matrix, transform-origin… By applying the right transformations to every single letter it is possible to create the illusion of text following a path.

Type your text into the webform, click “Warp it!”, then alter the path as you like. You can attach your text to a circle or a bezier. Add or delete points, or change position, angle and radius of the circle. When your done, click “Generate code”. Copy the CSS and HTML into your document.


Requirements: CSS3 Support
Demo: http://csswarp.eleqtriq.com/
License: License Free

  • andy

    Very cool. Thanks for this.

  • good function~

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  • This is a really cool application to demonstrate the capability of css3. Real time generator also fun to use and the code is done for you. All in all a neat app, but as for cross browser compatibility css3 still has some issues there. great app thou

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