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SpryMap – Google Maps-like Click and Drag Window

Posted · Category: CC License, Maps

SpryMap is a super lightweight (2.8 KB), dependency free Javascript widget that turns any HTML element into a Google Maps-like click and drag window. SpryMap is released under the creative commons license, essentially you’re free to use it and adapt it for any personal or commercial purposes.

When using this script, you are given full control over how you want the map to act. What coordinates do you want it to start at? Do you want it to animate to a stop, or stop immediately when the user releases the mouse? Do you want the dragging to stop when an edge is hit? Would you like soup or salad with that? SpryMap aims to give you full control over how it acts.


Requirements: Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://candrews.net/sandbox/spryMap/
License: Creative Commons License

  • http://www.crea-fr.com création site internet

    Thanks for the share of this very usefull script.

  • weldo

    I do enjoy WebAppers! Thanks.

  • http://graffiti.keusta.net STACK

    found this interesting but a bit useless
    no zoom, nothing when you click…

    Motools release this script long time ago with anchors
    look @ my demo http://www.keusta.net/blog/images/graffiti/sketches/graffiti-sketch.html

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