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How to Measure Page Load Time With Google Analytics

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

Have you ever thought of using Google Analytics’ Custom Variables feature to measure the real performance of visitors to your website? Take a look at the article: How to Measure Page Load Time With Google Analytics. It’s a little clumsy since Google Analytics wasn’t really meant to do this, but it’s good enough that many of you might find it useful.


Requirements: Google Analytics
Demo: http://blog.yottaa.com/2010/10/how-to-measure-page-load-time…
License: License Free

  • j interesting service, I use it quite a long time, but visitors are still few

  • This is amazing, I was optimizing my framework to automatically minimize the number and size of images, JS and CSS sent to the client. Now I can show graphs and numbers to my clients so that they can the benefits!

    Google even released, pagespeed plug-in, apache mod_speed and a website that explains how to improve the performance. Now they they should offer this information in Google analytics too!

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