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A Really Nice Collection of CSS3 Buttons

Posted · Category: Buttons, License Free

This is a collection of buttons that show what is possible using CSS3. Almost all of these buttons look best in Chrome and Safari on OSX. They look almost as good in Firefox, with all other browsers receiving a less-styled button.


Requirements: CSS3
Demo: http://ubuwaits.github.com/css3-buttons/
License: License Free

  • http://thebusy.me isogashii

    these are great buttons, thank you for sharing ;)

  • http://www.wastedatwork.com Wasted

    I hope that CSS3 is soon supported in all browsers. A lot of people miss out the good stuff the web designers can offer to people.
    Kill IE :)

  • http://websitecenter.ca/ Iouri Goussev

    Might be useful, I use http://brandonmathis.com/projects/fancy-buttons/ but I can just as easy convert them info sass and reuse them all the time

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