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Giveaway 3x Unbranded Version of phpLD Licenses

Posted · Category: Announcement

phpLD is one of the most widely used directory scripts on the internet, installed on over 100,000 websites. Also, you will find a wealth of resources that allow you to create a directory the way you want it, and get support along the way on the site. There are dozens of directory templates, mods and widgets allowing you make something special.

Keep in mind that while phpLD can be used strictly as a directory script, it is versatile enough to be used for many other purposes. For example, phpLD works well as a business directory script with its integration with google maps. But it also work well as a blogging or article directory script, allowing both the posting of articles by multiple authors, and commenting by users.

phpLD is very kind to giveaway 3 x Unbranded Version phpLD Licenses ($80 each). Simply leave a comment and tell us what you are going to use the directory script for. We will pick 3 lucky person and announce the winners on 19th September. What are you waiting for?


  • I want to start a directory for small businesses

  • phpld is the most popular directory script,
    i may use it to build up a niche site.

  • galechus

    I need this… :) This is very usefull script.

  • Victor

    I would like to use this tool to create a site with a list of niche resources.

  • Kaaviar

    I’d use it for intranet documents management.

  • phpLd is good stuff. I have used it before for a client. But if I would be selected I’d have just the right project to integrate it with.
    It would really complete my niche site.

    Wonder how easy it would be to integrate phpLD with Drupal?

  • Dan

    I am starting my own company and this would be a very useful to give me the headstart!

  • ondra

    i need this script for regional catalog. thanks;)

  • I want to rebrand a directory for portalelectric.ro
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Use it organise a collection of articles on how to be more financially savvy

  • A very good script, I’d use it for a directory on music.

  • I usually dont comment on posts like this but this is a software I would very much like. I have tried using eDirectory but its too complex to customize. Also a price tag of $1400 is just not worth it.

    My intention is to create a school portal directory where parents can search and view reviews about various schols in the country and help them to select their choice schools. A model I am emulating is that of greatschools.org

  • I’ll use it for building a directory of websites for local companies in my country.
    Thanks you ;)

  • Dan

    I’m moving to a small town,and could use this script to create the first online directory of the area!

  • I would use the software to create a directory of service providers in rural areas of the US. It’s hard to find a plumber, HVAC or electrician that is willing to drive from the nearest “big city” when you live 100+ miles away.

  • Restart a gaming community website that I have been so longing delaying.

  • Daniel

    I want to help a friend to set up a website for him for his own local eco-tourism agency on Suriname.

  • Max


    I’ll use it to create a LD for craftsman.


  • I will create a non-profit article directory with links to original sources. Building up brands in my country.

  • Santhosh

    I want to use it create a directory of homestays worldwide.

  • Dracko

    Hi !
    I want to add a directory section to my photo website.
    Thx for your your hard work !

  • Nick Hawk

    I plan to use it for my NBA tracking website to list the merchandise outlets with hard to find articles and also to use for my blog which is authored by a few different people.

  • I would use it for a directory for my company!

  • Chris Ebert

    I would love a license to create a site to link to concierge care health providers. I want to encourage more doctors to consider concierge care as an alternative practice and make it easier for people like me to find them.

  • Colleen C

    I am building a multicontributor site, so this will come in handy. Thanks!

  • I will use it as a place where users around the world will add their web design websites/blogs to be reviewed and searched.

  • I’d like to create a directory of artists and multimedia mashups – cheers :) cs

  • I’m already running the free version on a site, having a license for this version would be awesome for upgrading that site or to start a new one.

  • MSM

    I would use it to assemble a directory of small literary magazines (print and online) and publishers.

  • funny. i just got a contracting gig on a directory site. maybe i can use this or ideas from this to help improve their site.

  • I like to create local company directory.

  • I’m gonna use it for a new project with free directory listing :-)

  • Greetings,
    I am going to build a business directory for my city where I live. I cannot use the free version because of limitations and lack of functionality. Still cannot decide what software to choose – your script or eSyndiCat directory script. Help me to make the right choice! Thanks

  • Thanks everyone for your interest in phpLD. This seems to be a popular post. We just released phpLD 4.1 and the response has been more than we ever imagined.

    I believe the winners will be picked around Sept 19th. Good luck to everyone. I don’t know if Ray or myself will be doing the picking, but if it were up to me I would pick the people that wrote something descriptive about how they plan to do something worthwhile with phpLD (and shows that you looked at the site and familiarized yourself with the features).

    Thanks to ALL that replied. Webappers is a great site, and I’m happy Ray chose to make an announcement about our software.

  • Santiago

    I could totally use phpLD for a new online school!

  • Steve Williams

    I want to create a local free business directory for my community. There is another poorly executed one already and I think phpLD would be the perfect answer to help my community! Thanks phpLD and Webappers!

  • Hello,
    It will be a great pleasure for me to test this product.
    Best regards.

  • A new directory about art.

  • I would love to use phpLD for our electronic phone books and customer e-books.

    Michael J Montana

  • If you pick me I will use it as an Portuguese artist directory.

  • Great noting could be more tempting.. if i get this piece of cake.. i would just eat it as if this would be my last meal.. phpLD License woww.. i would build a website with links to safe child websites. these days there is hardly any manners left in kids. I would introduce to them a whole new directory of better websites through PhpLD. .. its not for my own use but for the future generation.. how many of us are thinking of the kids?

  • I NEED this script :)

    I want to launch a website with the best resources for the Persian Community.
    phpLD is the perfect solution for me.

  • thanks admin. great post.

  • Cees Oskam

    I want this script :)

  • Tom

    I’d use it to build a directory of local businesses highlighting their local search visibility.

  • Andy

    I would use this to create a uk directory that aims to provide links to registered charities only.

    It’s hard for them to find exposure for free. I would manually approve their links as long as they had a charity number.

  • Jim Wurster

    I’m involved with a lot of local environmental groups and would like to create an eco-portal of sorts which would include a list of businesses, services, individuals who provided environmentally friendly products and services. I would also like to list job opportunities and news items and events.

    It’s quite a task but I know it will be useful for people in the Delaware Valley.

  • Jami

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    I would use PHPLD for my Neighborhood Association/Watch group to create a listing of crime in our area. Crime has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. I would probably use some custom fields, and widgets, like the LatestArticlesMain, LatestArticleComments, and GoogleFriendConnect. I would also use the Google Maps integration to get a picture of where crimes have occurred. The RSS feed feature would be great for members wanting to keep up with the crime listings.

  • Antonio Garza

    I’m starting a little business…
    and need an intranet..

  • Kyle

    Could very much use something like this for a wedding website! CraigsLists for brides!!

  • riksi

    gona use it for a new business directory site i have in mind

  • d0k

    i would use it to have a list of the most stupid and unuseful site on the net.. a good list for defeacer to create a better internet :)

  • I want one!!! :D

  • I would like to use this one here in Italy to build the first online guide for our city.

  • Hi,

    I’d like to use PHPLD to build a green web directory that hosts both green-related links and articles.


  • rooy

    A list of free resources on internet would be nice, so users can review and rate it.

  • I can win phpLD if my Luck! flute…. Hey luck come on & make me a winner here….

  • WideLoad

    List of tyre shops.

  • I want to create a niche directory website.

  • I would like to use this script to run a directory on my domain name http://www.small-business-directory.com … my fingers are crossed! Thank you…

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