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HTML5 Boilerplate – Professional HTML/CSS/JS Template

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License, MIT License

HTML5 Boilerplate is the professional badass’s base HTML/CSS/JS template for a fast, robust and future-proof site.

After more than two years in iterative development, you get the best of the best practices baked in: cross-browser normalization, performance optimizations, even optional features like cross-domain ajax and flash. A starter apache .htaccess config file hooks you the eff up with caching rules and preps your site to serve HTML5 video, use @font-face, and get your gzip zipple on.

Boilerplate is not a framework, nor does it prescribe any philosophy of development, it’s just got some tricks to get your project off the ground quickly and right-footed.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://html5boilerplate.com/
License: MIT, GPL License

  • http://furuthemes.com Brandon

    I just kept getting more and more excited reading about the possibilities that they have presented us with.

  • http://malept.com/ Mark Lee


    This isn’t “license free”. It’s dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.


  • Ray Cheung

    @ Mark,

    Thank you for pointing this out. Just fixed it! :D

  • http://www.cogocreative.co.uk Ian

    Looks interesting. I’ve been playing with html5 and css3, but I’m really bumbed IE9 will not support css3 animations.

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  • Goutham

    The new HTML5/CSS/JS framework that let you develop the new Windows 8 Style Applications is at http://metrodynamis.com

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