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Giveaway 3 x Slideshow Box Premium HTML Licenses

Posted · Category: Announcement

JumpeyeComponents has launched SlideshowBox recently. SlideshowBox comes with 24 professionally designed photo slideshow templates. There is no coding required. Everything can be easily customized through the FlashEff-like interface with no more than a few clicks. They work hard to make your job easier. SlideshowBox is a web development product that is fun and easy to use!

SlideshowBox is packed as: The Flash version of SlideshowBox works with standard XML files containing each image’s title, URL and description. The HTML version that uses SWF embed code generated by SlideshowBox online panel to customize the slideshows. Also, there are 5 out of 24 slideshows are available as pure JavaScript slideshows and are compatible with iPad and iPhone. They are working on more full JS slideshows and they plan to release another 2 in mid August sometimes. This version is for non-Flash developers who want to use Flash slideshows on their projects.

JumpeyeComponents is very kind to giveaway 3 x Slideshow Box Premium HTML License ($99 each) to our readers. Simply leave a comment and tell us what you think about Slideshow Box. We will randomly select 3 lucky people and announce the winners on 15th August. What are you waiting for?

Please note that the Free Version is always available for download. It includes a cool preset for each photo slideshow template but it doesn’t feature any customization options. The free version can only be used for non commercial purpose, it includes a context menu item (“About SlideshowBox.com”) and it has no time limitations.


  • http://eyoosuf.com Yoosuf

    Woow, i would like to get it, i wish to be in the lucky 3

  • Kaspars

    I like this BOX!

  • galechus


  • AngelusPL

    Nice tool! Give it to me :D

  • http://www.hachesilva.com Hernan Silva

    Awesome component. I already own the FlashEff component and it’s an amazing piece of code. Slideshowbox looks sweet, very well crafted.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tim

    Looks the goods!

  • http://miniyourlife.com Ben.

    Very nice. I like the effects which are different to other simple effect-scripts.

    I am not sure if Flash is a good idea for important parts of a website but for galleries I guess is a nice feature.

    Thanks for that.

  • http://www.ciuco.info federico


  • http://mis-understood.co.uk/ mis-understood

    nice and slidey!!

  • http://g4c.pl Maciek

    Some cool effects out there!

  • Gilbert

    Nice tool for professionals like us, but how is the backend organized. Is there a picasa connector or something for dummy users?

  • http://www.mushtitude.com st3ph

    Seems Nice, I want mine !

  • http://blog.krusiec.com Krusia

    Great component is ideal for presenting product gallery or portfolio for graphic designers, photographers and webmasters.

  • http://www.looseroots.com/ Joel

    That gives some very pretty effects. I too would like to see how good the back-end is. Could find this very handy :)

  • czepol

    Nice slideshow

  • Alex

    Looks very nice and professional.

  • http://www.slivka.lt Jonas

    This is exactly what I need for my photo portfolio! Looks promising :)

  • Valentas

    Great stuff! I dream about it every day. Hope I’ll win :))

  • Tiaan Willemse

    Wow this is awesome. This is one of those packages that add value to every site and it works on the iPad and iPhone. Wow. I would love to include it into some of my clients sites. Now where can i win an iPad to test it on? :P

  • martin

    got the free version and think this is awesome! would love to own an ‘real’ license!


  • BastianD

    Wow. Looks really nice. I like the JS Versions.

  • Jen Perkins

    Very cool. Grid scale is quite nice!

  • Leo

    I loved it. Luck!

  • http://marginpad.no Eric Winther


  • Pragnesh

    very nice tool!!

  • Jeff

    Very great component, works fine and is very simple to use.. We can easily change the template and each of them looks good! I need it!

  • Todd P

    Great design and functionality…would love to use it on my portfolio site

  • http://www.diegobetto.net Diego Betto

    Really a nice plugin. I’ve used the free one, it rox too.

  • Edgar

    Huge resource, easy to use, extra glow to any website ;)

  • http://www.portalkombat.com.ba eyekon

    very nice!

  • http://kreativalab.com Gianluca

    wow that’s so cool. I loved it.

  • Antonio Garza

    Great tool, easy to use..!!

  • Sahan

    Cool and beautiful.

  • http://www.netfreaks.gr Viktoras

    SlideShowBox looks really usefull and i love the number of options available!

    You never know… ;)

  • mala

    Great for many art portfolios!

  • http://www.vitorneves.com Vitor

    pick me, pick me, please :)

  • Craig Paterson

    Really nice slideshow tool. I could do with a copy to add to my arsenal of slideshow apps.

  • Monash

    Those slideshows look incredible!

  • Stephen Chiu

    I prevent to use flash most of the time when developing because of lack of customizable options. However, this one seems nice.

  • http://www.quzi.com Richard Schumacher

    This is really cool! A very nice tool.

  • Alex C

    Very cool component. Love to have it.

  • http://www.damnsemicolon.com chilts

    looks amazing. definitely want to try it out.

  • http://unicheats.net Ivo

    Nice! They are look quite amazing. :)

  • JopS

    Awsome tool! This is just what I’m after for a photography site I’m developing. In fact, I nearly bought this a couple of weeks back, so a “giveaway” copy would be slidetastic!

  • Nik

    looks great!! good to see lots of options available too… not just one style…

  • Zed3

    Could be amazing for my portfollio

  • Carl

    Great component worked with it in the past, would very much like to get a license of my own :)

  • vhick

    Its look really awesome. Combining slideshow and a 3D effects.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mac

    It’s a good component; I am definitely think it will sell well.

  • http://www.eatupdrinkup.com Merms

    A fresh approach to slideshow components. Perhaps an html5 and css 3 version next.


  • http://www.RadicalGravity.com Zero

    Awesome component, will try it out.

  • Harsh

    Hi, This is great. Great transitions and very simple to install. I was looking for such type of tool. Can you give me full version?

  • Santiago

    Awesome! I could use it in a personal commercial site! XD

  • Martin

    me me me :D

  • David

    nice. very good.

  • http://www.topvnn.com/ Tuan

    I love BOX, Thanks

  • http://www.brilang.com Brian Lang

    What a cool slidshow tool. Hope I win a license.

  • http://www.chattagena.com pfers

    I like this BOX, sooooooo COOL. Simply AMAZING. I want to win a copy…
    Pick me!!!

  • http://www.nethall.gr Giannis

    I like it ;)

  • TH

    Hope to win the js version

  • Daniel

    I’m currently using Slideshow Pro on my web site but want to replace it with a JS slideshow instead to increase compatability with non-Flash devices. SlideshowBox looks great, just what I’ve been searching for!

  • http://shaggy.v3x.biz devonne

    Wow, awesome! Beautiful slideshows and cool program, I hope I win a license!

  • http://foxteck.org Eduardo Romero

    That’s actually a pretty AWESOME Slideshow, I like the fact that you can go Flash (ewww, but needed from time to time) or Javascript.

  • C@rlos

    Awesome!! I want it!!

  • luso

    Realy Jump(my)eye. Thanks.

  • John

    Nice, I want it! :D

  • Bob

    Looks very slick!

  • Alex

    This is great ! just a slideshow with everthing under the roof!

    I would be very very happy if I can get the premium edition.

  • http://www.burgeoncommunications.com Eric

    Totally want this. . . . .

  • Truong Nguyen

    great … I want it, too

  • http://virtualmarc.info virtualmarc

    Great work from the developers. Never saw such a great Slideshow project.

  • orestis

    it sounds great!

  • eugenia

    love it!!!!

  • james

    Slideshow box amazed not only me
    awesome tool, even free
    turns and slides and flips and fades
    a license here is all I need.
    To bring my work to professional grade


  • http://telanjangbulat.net mrsgil

    It’s cool!
    No coding knowledge required makes it cooler!

  • http://www.lamtruonghuy.info Huy

    Great work from the developers. Never saw such a great Slideshow project.

  • Pantelis Nikolaidis

    Good Luck To Alllllllllllllll!:D:D:D

  • Akshay Kapoor


  • http://gerardodiaz.com Gerardo Diaz

    This is awesome! I hope I win :)

  • http://www.prabaharancs.com Prabaharan CS

    Nice Tool !!…. I’m going to use it in my portfolio Flash version…

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